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Saturday, May 5, 2012

this month: may

"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer's lease hath all too short a date." ~ william shakespeare

our may picks: 1. library drawer 2. keys tissue paper 3. white surveyor rulers 4. britannia book knob 5. Lille tags 6. crystal dangles  7. global 6x6 paper pack

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

from our workshop: cha winter sneak peek #6

Our final peek at the new 7gypsies products is showcasing some of the new surfaces for artists of all types to create with.

Many of you may have heard of "tryptichs" these often have religious association and are often seen in renaissance art.  Really, the term tryptich is used to describe a 3 panel work of art.

We were quite inspired by the works of tryptich art that we've seen in our travels and are now starting to see many mixed media artist using gravitating towards these as new art forms.

We developed a tryptich house kit.  There are 3 house shaped panels in our kit along with all of the pieces that are diecut from the window panes.  These little extras are great for creating layers or even transforming the openings into shadowboxes.

We also created an arc version of the tryptich kit.  
This clever gypsy artist chose to use the kit as a cover for an art journal.  There are so many fun ways to transform these kits~ create a 3 panel project, use the shapes as pages in a book or even stack them on each other for a layered effect.

Another fun kit made from sturdy bookboard is the new banner kit.  We've all seen how popular banners are for home decor, parties and more.  This a slightly larger version of a banner and here's a little gypsy tip:  if you need more shapes that the 6 included in the kit, you can use the pieces as tracing templates to create more banner shapes from paper, fabric, bookboard, metal~ whatever suits you!

This limited release collections binder is a mixed media artists' dream.  Because both the cover and all 10 pages are made from thick bookboard, you can paint, mist, staple, sew and collage to your hearts content and the pages won't warp.

A few last additions to the new release include 2 brand new tickets.  Our tickets are HOT!  We pulled some of our favorite vintage designs to create the vintage tickets and the journal tickets are a slightly larger version with plenty of space to add your own thoughts.  Don't forget to layer them into our ticket holder along with photos and other findings for a unique desk display.

And finally~ one last set of metals.  These mini vintage clips are so DARN cute we can't stop using them on everything!  Think banners, papers, clipping a photo to a page, wall displays, magnet boards and much much more.  

We hope you've enjoyed a little peek at our latest collections from the journey!
xoxo, the gypsies

Saturday, February 11, 2012

from our workshop: cha winter sneak peek #5


Many of you have already fallen in love with our vintage inspired wood display trays.  Well, we have too and just had to give you a couple of new ones to create with!

These basic shadowboxes are done right~ with an added distressing and just the right thickness and depth.  They become gorgeous showpieces for your precious belongings and latest creations.

We offer a 12x12 version in black.

and the 8x8 version in a natural wood.

The 8x8 shadowbox also has accompanying inserts in both round and square.  Simply slip the inserts into the shadowbox and fill with your latest findings.  Or perhaps create a project using the insert like one of our talented gypsy artists shown below!

We'd LOVE to send 2 lucky gypsies a shadowbox of their own.  
Simply comment on your FAVORITE new product from the CHA release and you'll be entered to win.
good luck gypsies!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

from our workshop: cha winter sneak peek #4

 a few more goodies to share from our latest CHA winter release!

we've gotten LOTS of requests for more metal embellishments so we just had to pull together 2 new sets. The gypsy frames and tiny flea market findings.  

And a new set of journal pages~ we incorporated some of our favorite elements from Trousseau into a 2 sided set of journal pages.  These fit perfectly inside all of our small vintage book covers AND the new small vintage frame cover shown on the left.

Look at this gorgeous mixed media tray using our collage tissues and the new Trousseau journal pages!

More of the Vintage Frame Covers in a larger size~ these were designed to allow for binding along the top.  You can see how cool they look with a vintage photo tucked inside the opening on the front cover.

Once you've complete a new journal with the frame covers you can display it in our new Vintage Book Stand.  It's designed to hold a book, 5x7 photo or even a cleverly crafted sign... we were inspired by the vintage sign holders we've seen at flea markets and this stand was a HUGE hit at CHA!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

from our workshop: cha winter sneak peek #2

The journey through the postale collection continues... we have SO many new products that are part of this collection!!

A fun new clear stamp along with 3 new papertape designs.  Now if you haven't tried our papertape yet, you MUST.  It is NOT washi tape, it is paper tape~ it actually works like tape AND looks great too!

And 2 new stickers~ a classic black alphabet and a MUST have collection sticker.

These "tags" also double as cute journaling cards and inserts for the new tag envelopes!  SO darn cute in a 2.5"x 2.5" size.  (you'll want to wallpaper your craft room with these when you see them)

These envelopes are made to fit the new tag inserts and are CUTE (we just can't say it enough)
What is also FABULOUS about these new envelopes and inserts is that they fit perfectly in our mini library drawer and the artist printers tray!

Here's a beautiful project showing the mini library drawer stuffed with the new postale inserts & envelopes.

Next up are the index inserts.  These are made to fit our the new index envelopes (below)  These are a great size for journaling and cards.
We also just had to throw in a naked version of the index cards~ create your own design by stamping, inking, collaging and journaling on these!  AND they have a scalloped edge!

The index envelopes are designed to fit the index inserts.  At 6"x5" they'll also hold photos and fit perfectly in our Librarie Drawer!

And since we've got lots of fun new goodies to fit the librarie drawer, we figured that every gypsy needed a new set of Librarie Drawer tabs to complete a fun librarie drawer project.  Check out the project below!

New 7gypsies/ Tattered Angles Paint system!!

We were so excited to get to formulate and design our own custom 7gypsies paint system with Tattered Angels.  It coordinates with the Postale collection and has a bit of everything~ glam, glaze, glimmer mist & chalkboard mist!!

Are you excited to play with these???

Check back Tuesday for a look at the new Trousseau collection!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

from our workshop: cha winter sneak peek #1

We are packed up and headed to CHA and excited to share the new release with gypsies at the show!  
Be sure to check our facebook for pictures and updates from the show floor.

While we're traveling we've got the blog setup to share our new release with all of you that won't be attending the show.  Enjoy!

Our newest collection is called Postale.  
It is a 12 paper collection, yes 12 fantastic postale papers to choose from!! 

Here's a quick look at some of our collection inspiration boards.

We drew inspiration for this new collection from all things postal~ stripes, colors and more.  We not only loved that it allowed us to bring in elements of this new trend, but that the collection speaks to the written letter and its journey from sender to a far off destination.

We also LOVE the strong clean look of typography and the design elements associated with letterpress and felt that this would also work well with the postal theme.

Vintage signs, arrows, the swiss cross and the textures of worn paint and metal were also part of our inspiration for the paper designs.

You'll see that what transpired in our designs was 6 postale papers with fabulous, rich color layered under crisp whites for an authentic vintage look.  But because we know every gypsy loves the antiqued look we also created 6 designs with an antiqued finish and call those Antiquaries Postale....



The paper collection is also available in 6x6 and 8x8 paper packs.  You'll get 4 of each design in these scaled down versions of the 12x12 papers.  Perfect for ATC, Cardmaking and mini albums!

POST a comment and let us know what you think of the new paper line!!  You never know when we just MIGHT giveaway a set to our most enthusiastic gypsy.

Check back Sunday for a look at all the fun Postale collection products that coordinate with our papers and hear more about the inspiration behind the design!