Friday, November 20, 2009

November Product Challenge

Gift Card Enclosure
artist Ranjini Malhotra

I used one of the new medium sized Naked pockets (3 1/2 x 5 1/2") for my first textured rubbings challenge. I covered the pocket with patterned paper from the Victoria collection (the blue polka dot is on the back of Rosewood paper).
Then I cut up one of these Vintage Tags to create a border.
Can you find which one I used? Remember, don't be afraid to cut or punch into something to get to the images. In other words, a tag doesn't always have to be a tag. You get more use out of the product that way.

I used double sided adhesive to apply a subtle border of a gold textured rubbing sheet to the top and bottom of the tag pocket, and also to the chipboard wings. After applying the texture rubbing on the wings, I stamped over it with cream colored ink. I placed another tag on the inside of the pocket and decorated it with 7 Gypsies stickers and a Victoria brad. I plan to use this as a gift card enclosure for the holiday season and will write my holiday message on the tag inside.

Hostess Gift

For the second project I created a little hostess gift for a friend. I took wooden clothespins and applied textured rubbings (silver and gold glitter) using double sided adhesive and then gussied them up with small bits and bobs (you may recognize some vintage 7 gypsies product!)
I created a small gift box to match using the same technique as the clothes pins. Then applied magnets to the back of the clothespins. Now they're all dressed up for the refrigerator to hold holiday photos, cards or event tickets! I'll give these with a pair of tickets to a holiday event.


bethchien said...

that is so awesome! love!

Rachel Carlson said...

loves it!!!

Cyndi said...

Feelin' the Gypsy love!! :)

MichelleB said...

These are fabulous projects! Great inspiration!

MaryBeth said...

7 Gypsies rocks, I love it!

Pam said...

long time Gypsy lover...awesome site!

Paula said...

I love those clothes pins! What an easy gift for all us "junk collectors" that have just a little bit of everything. Time to break out the glitter textured rubbings!

Anonymous said...

Long time Gypsy-lover and I do feel the Gypsy love! =)

Me and my sis love our ATC's and Photo Carousels, a wonderful product =).

Anonymous said...

Feeling the gypsey love. The projects are great. Dianne L

Therese said...

Hello, i have loved your stuff when it first came out and loved it every since then,,,,,,,i am like a gypsy junkie and have all your old embellishments from when you first came out and even now...........i guess you can call me your groupie due to the fact that i go all over looking for your products and have not found a store that carries it all so i buy a few pieces that i find at each store so by the time i find like 4 stores that carry your products, i have a pretty good selection of things to work with....all these stores that i go to are an hour to 2 hours apart and i usually hit it once a month but then with the winter, it is like about 5 months and by then i have gone thru my withdrawels and have to go get another batch of stuff............. but now i am taking care of my elderly mother so it makes it hard to get out but if it is a good day, she may go for a ride with me or the hubby will stay with her for the day.........well 7 gypsies, i love your stuff, and it is fun to work with even your wash paints..............have a great day, hopefully my name will be drawn...........happy holidays...........therese

Unknown said...

These are soooooo beautiful !!! I've been away from computer for few time and I missed your blog soooo much !! Have a nice week ;-)

Jennifer said...

Can you provide a pic of the back of the clothespin so we can see how you did the magnets ?


kl said...

those clothespins are gorgeous!

Paula said...

Jennifer asked about the magnets on the backs of the clothes pins that Ranjini made.
I don't have a picture but I contacted Ranjini and she said she used the kind of magnets that come on a roll and are self adhesive. That way she could cut the magnet to size.
Hope that helps!