Monday, February 22, 2010

Creative Spaces

It's been a while since we have visited the studio of one of our Creative Team members...and what a beautiful and inspiring space it is!  We hope you enjoy this tour and short without further adieu we bring you the FABULOUS studio of Vicki Boutin. 

Digital Frames by Rhonna Farrer for Two Peas in a Bucket
1. Favorite 7gypsies product (old or new)?
Just one?  I guess I would have to say the Dangles!  I love that 7 G’s made jewelry for my scrapbook!!!  Love the paper tape too…and Gaffers tape…and the new Venice stamps!!  See, I can’t pick just one thing!

2. Favorite adhesive?
I love my Scrapbooks Adhesives by 3L Easy Runner and Foam Squares!

3. Favorite thing to much on while working?
Not munch, but drink…Diet Coke!!

4. Style of working~ do you gather all of your products, sketch it out first or make it up as you go along?
Plan, Sketch and Execute is my motto.  I look at the product I want to use, the number of photos (if it’s a layout), I sketch and then I create.  Love this system!

5. Sources of inspiration?
Ads, the internet, magazines, children’s clothes, anything!  I love interesting color combos, too!

6. Favorite thing in your studio?
I have a few things I love in my studio.  The white hutch that I found in the “As is” department at Ikea is definitely one of my favs!  I went in to buy the same hutch new and just happened to check out the “As is” section and there it was!  All assembled and in perfect condition!  I love my chandelier, too!

7. Favorite project they've made for 7gypsies?

I like them all but my favorite has to be my 4x6 Photo Display project.

8. Favorite pen/writing instrument?
I like the Sakura pens and the American Crafts Slick Writers.

9. Favorite website/blog?

I enjoy surfing the web!  It is fun to start at one site and see where the journey takes you!

10. mac or pc?

11. What's on your wish list?
I have an endless home improvement wish list!  I want to decorate my house!  I also would love some new camera gear!

12. What your idea of a perfect day?
Hmmm…A sunny day with nothing to do but read a good book, create a little and spend some time with my family.  All of this while having a clean, organized house and dinner made by someone else.  Yeah…that would be nice!  Maybe a little antique shopping in there, too…in Paris!  A girl can dream!

13. Did you bring back a souvenir from your last trip?
I usually always pick something up when I am away.  The last trip I took this year was to Indiana and I picked up few ornaments for the tree.

14. Do you collect anything?
I love stuff!  I love antiques or better yet, JUNK!!!  I collect Barbie Christmas ornaments. 

15. What is your most treasured belonging?
I have some jewelry that I cherish.  But, I think my photos are my most treasured belongings!  I love all those snippets from our lives.

Thanks Vicki for letting us get to know you just a little bit better!


Susan said...

Beautiful studio Vicki!

Judy said...

What a gorgeous studio you have, Vicki.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful space. love your chandelier also.
Carrie P

Tracy Dyar said...

Gorgeous studio!

Rachel Carlson said...

lovely, thanks for sharing your space with us vicki. when can i come over!

Anita said...

Such an swesome, organized work space. But, the chandelier is the piece de resistance....gotta luv that! I am in the middle of a studio project- you are very inspiring!

Art and Sand said...

I thought your shelf looked familiar. It was my Valentine gift from my husband. He groused a lot as he put it together and we had to get 2 other people to help us lift it. I had so much fun filling it with baskets full of goodies, and favorite things. Unlike you, I chose baskets that were all different- wire, straw and wood. And, mine has many C's instead of a large V.

Vicki Boutin said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Carol- I would love to see the baskets you used!

sanjeet said...

a gorgeous studio you have,

Work From Home

kim said...

how fun !!! can I come over and play Vickie ???

Barbi D. said...

OH my my!! How gorgeous!!! And I LOVE that Chandelier it is such a great detail.

Joeygirl said...

Hi Vicki! You're a gypsy after after my own heart. My room looks very similar to yours...only mine is messy. I have the baskets, a chandelier, and fun stuff around me for inspiration. Thanks for the peek!