Friday, August 30, 2013

Introducing Wicked Gypsy!

A gypsy’s life is made up of experiences, journeys and destinations. Through them we learn of the eclectic lifestyles of the avant-garde, the disarrayed, and the exiled. This brought a juxtaposing perspective for us gypsy's as we drew similarities amongst our ancestors and the secret society of Edwardian/Victorian Witches. 

Project Idea

Project Idea: Vintage Wicked Gypsy Tray

Project Idea: Book of Spells

A vintage interpretation of the 31 days of All Hollow’s Eve, our Wicked Gypsy line was inspired by our love of Halloween and all the amazing art and ephemera that comes with it. In this collection you’ll find a rendering of the life of a Halloween Witch through tantalizing advertisements for brew and broomsticks, a floor plan of a haunted abode and even a page from the local newspaper.  Now you can capture your favorite All Hollow’s Eve moments with the Wicked Gypsy Collection:  
  • 6 two-sided 12x12 papers
  • Large Ephemera
  • Small Ephemera
  • 5x7 Journal Pages

Wicked Gypsy Times

Wicked Gypsy Times 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item # 19509)
Every witch has her "book of spells" whether it be a magic potion or recipes for a Halloween party. Layers of pages from the book adorn the front while a wicked layered damask adorn the back.

Confections Log

Confections Log 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item #19512)
The first thing the kids do when they return from trick or treating is dump the candy and monitor the taking. Photos of the winnings or a 31 day countdown, this paper is for tricks and for treats.

Costume Ball

Costume Ball 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item # 19511)
Costumes old and new can now be captured onto a collage of costume sketches from the past. This neutral backdrop works for any costume theme.

A Haunted Abode

A Haunted Abode 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item# 19513)
A witch's abode is her recluse from the outside world-- each room has a special meaning and use. We are especially fond of the tower of the beast and the newt gully. Visiting a haunted house or visiting Salem, you now have the papers to create the memory.

A Wicked Pose

A Wicked Post 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item #19514)
Gypsies love their dresses, layers and when it is halloween time, wicked gypsies adorn a hat. The collection comes together in this strip of papers with a photo of the inspiration from the line. Gypsy or not they are our honorary "wicked gypsies."

Large Ephemera

Wicked Gypsy Ephemera- Large (item #18014)

As the wicked gypsies travel the world, they keep everything-- ads, candy wrappers, old games and even old newspaper articles. In fact, they save so many items that we had to create ephemera packs in both large and mini. The large ephemera pieces are two sided and are perfect for working into mini books and 3 dimensional projects.

Mini Ephemera

Wicked Gypsy Mini Ephemera (item #18013)
The mini is printed on a beautiful ivory paper and features the design on only one side.

5 x 7 Journal Pages

Wicked Gypsy Journal Pages (item #18015)
Measuring exactly 5 x 7, these 2 sided journal pages capture the vintage feel of the collection and are the perfect starting ground for your next Halloween mini book, book of spells or feature for your favorite haunting ATC cards.Layer them with textures of burlap, canvas, ticking or maybe even a bit of black satin or lace...

We wanted just the right goodies to create trays and books this holiday. But be weary of its magical allure, we can’t say we didn’t warn you! 

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