Monday, November 4, 2013

Vintage, Grunge and More!

Kimberly Newman
At Seven Gypsies, we have the opportunity to meet some amazingly talented individuals through our travels. We came across one designer that we just HAD to share with our Gypsy followers. She has a knack for collecting items and re-using them, no matter their initial use. Whether her materials are old or new, used or un-used, she has a creative way of combining them all into vintage masterpieces that are sure to spice up any occasion or holiday.

We'd like to introduce the creative talents of Kimberly Newman. A designer living in what we know as the ultimate potato capital, Idaho, it's no wonder she can take a burlap potato sac and turn it into a design to drool over. We recently had a chance to catch up with the burlap wonder woman herself and asked her a couple of questions about her design style. Here's what she revealed:

7G: How long have you been designing/crafting?
KN: I initially began when I was young and I'd craft with my mom, but I really began to craft as a hobby about 8 years ago. It started with basic paper crafts, and then my projects began building on one another and now I am designing much bigger projects with versatile materials.

7G: Where do you get your inspiration?
KN: I really find inspiration everywhere. I enjoy re-using materials so I will save almost anything to use it for creative purposes. I look at empty pop bottles and instead of throwing them away, I think to myself, what can I make with these?

Kimberly created this glass ball using the Wicked Gypsy collection!
7G: What is one of the oddest material you've saved to craft with?
KN: I once saved a mesh bag, you know, the one that covers a frozen turkey, and used it as hot air balloon netting in one of my projects. I also created a dress mold out of mouse traps!

Turkey netting goes a long way!
7G: What's your process like when it comes to designing?
KN: I usually just wait for that "aha" moment. I use crafting as a way to de-stress, so often times the more stressed I am, the crazier the project!

7G: What are some of your favorite materials to work with?
KN: When I first began crafting I used burlap on everything. I also use a Cricut for card-making. I love my Cricut but I found that the cards themselves were too boring, so I began altering them with vintage finds from 7Gypsies. Some of my favorites are the vintage tissue papers from 7Gypsies.

7G: What is your favorite project that you've completed?
KN: I created a dress mold using an old mini lampshade and 7Gypsies papers and embellishments. It's steampunk style and I love how it turned out.
Steampunk style using 7Gypsies trinkets and papers!
7G: What is your design style?
KN: Ooooo I love grunge, it's definitely my style!

7G: Do you have any advice for others?
KN: Always challenge yourself, think outside the box and just have fun! Don't stress about your project. If you mess up, just add over it and start over!

A project Kimberly created for our Wicked Gypsy line!
Thank you, Kimberly, for such a fun peak into your design style. For more on Kimberly's designs, you can visit her Pinterest board:

If you'd like to talk to the Gypsies about your specific design style, email us!


Cindy R. said...

Beautiful Projects. Looking forward to seeing more from Kimberly.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! These are just amazing!!!!!

fairyrocks said...

Ms Kinberly has got it going on for sure. Love the turkey mesh story. I will be smiling about that one all day. Keep smiling and creating one and all.

RinaZ said...

I've had the pleasure of receiving work from Kim several years ago. Her work is OUTSTANDING and its so nice to see her get the recognition that she so totally deserves! Rock on Kimmie, I'm so happy for you and proud to call you my "big sister"! :)

Holly said...

I too am in possession of a few "Kimberly Newmans" She has had my support since DAY 1. Now the surprise here was not her amazing talent, but the fact that she is "DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!" besides. You really hid Kimmie <3

Lynne Forsythe said...

OMW....Kim your creations are just OUTTTA THIS WORLD!!! LOVE how you repurpose STUFF! WAY COOL!

Unknown said...

YAHOOOOO - Way to go Kim! So excited for you. You deserve this your work is inspiring. So proud of you!

misty said...

Kim is amazing! GOrgeous and supercreative projects!

Ava Gavloski said...

oh my, this gypsy has a very creative mind and soul!!! Gorgeous artist designs

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