Thursday, December 19, 2013

7gypsies 2013 Year in Review - Harmony

Oh my what a year we have had.  So many great releases....we thought we would take you back through each release and then....a sneak peak at what we have in store for our first release for 2014!!!  On the days before we bring in the New Year, we will be featuring fun projects and releases from this year.  They might inspire you for a project for 2014, who knows.

Let's start with Harmony....this was one of our favorite releases and we want to thank everyone for making it so successful.  A vintage wedding line was something the gypsies felt just had to be done and we are so glad they did.  The line is classic, vintage and oohhhh so wonderful.  If you got married this year, are soon to be married or want to re-capture weddings of the past, this line was designed with you in mind.

We love the idea of DIY guest books, custom vintage invites, crafty table settings and so much more.  Out with the traditional wedding and in with the vintage and we are excited to be along for the ride.  Here are a few of the projects from the line....
When store bought guest books are not your thing, consider making your own...this fun guest book allows each guest to add a little note on the postcard, to be read for many years to come.  Keep it on display to remember that special day.

 There are two sets of cards on the top and the bottom and double sided, so lots of room for guests to leave that special message.  The 7gypsies Harmony papers are the perfect neutral colors to work with the colors of any wedding.
Looking for great chair decor, wedding pew decor or to add a little gift from the bride and groom, these paper cones are a nice added touch.  Touches of lace, ribbon and metals give them just the right vintage look.

Not sure how to display the hundreds of wedding photos, we have an idea...the 7gypsies Librarie Drawer.  It was designed to hold 4"x6" photos and has an array of dividers to help keep them organized.  No need to choose which photos to put into your album, keep all your wedding, holiday or other event photos together for all to see.  

The wedding is over, the guest book is signed, the photos are taken and you are ready to capture every beautiful moment...this amazing Happily Ever After 12x12 wedding layout (created by Misty Russell) is sure to inspire you to create a vintage wedding scrapbook.  The Harmony papers, tissue flowers and paper flags on the painted background could not be a more fitting setting for this beautiful black and white wedding photo.
Simply cut and slip paper over the 7gypsies mini hangers to get this look.  A great idea for baby layouts as well.  

Mount photos on a burlap sheet to add amazing texture to you layout.  Burlap is a great touch to just about any layout, even weddings.

For more great ideas from the gypsies visit our Pinterest board

Leave a message on Facebook or this Blog Post and let us know your wedding anniversary or upcoming wedding date and we will choose 2 lucky winners who will receive the entire 7gypsies Harmony line, the Librarie Drawer, assorted dividers and an assortment of vintage embellishments.  We will choose the winners Monday am, so help us spread the word. 

If you have created a fun project using the Harmony line, we would love to add it to our Pinterest board, please send the link to your blog and or photos to us at 

Have a great day from the Gypsies!!!  


Anne D said...

I love your Harmony line! I also really love the Librarie drawers - I've adorned a bunch of them with fancy papers and I use them in my studio.

Our anniversary is October 29th; this year was our 30th.

JPScraps said...

The Harmony line is beautiful! As are the projects made with it. My anniversary is September 3rd. 25 years :)

Dawn Edwards said...

Love all the inspiration with the Harmony line! Anniversary is May 26th

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So my wedding anniversary is March 14th ... and what is going to be awesome this coming anniversary, is that I bought my hubby for Christmas tickets to the upcoming Jeff Dunham (he is a ventriloquist we both like!) show ... hubby is getting the tickets on Christmas day, but Jeff is actually coming to town on our anniversary!!!!! I can't wait to see hubby's face when he see the tickets and the date of the show!!!! I loveeeeeee this collection!!!!

Denise Bryant said...

beautiful projects! My anniversary is 4th of July!

Lynne J said...

Love this line and the beautiful projects! We just had our 25th anniversary on August 15th.

Ava Gavloski said...

anniversary just past was 28th anniversary.... whoa, that took me a while to calculate... thanks for sharing the love of quality papers by 7 gypsies

cghundley said...

Beautiful creations!
Our wedding anniversary
was November 26th, 33 years
together and going strong!
Carla from Utah

Dona said...

These papers and ephemera are so beautiful together! We celebrated our 32nd on January 23rd. Figured we could remember 1/23 no matter how many years we got to spend together!!

Anonymous said...

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