Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're Back!!

We're back from CHA, a little rested and glad to be home.  We thought you might like to see what we have been working on for the past few months.  Our old booth just didn't look quite gypsy enough so we have been busy working on a new one.  The main items we ended up using were:  lots of assorted wallpaper, yards and yards of burlap, coffee grounds, glaze, upholstery tacks, several coats of paint and a lot of hard work in an unairconditioned factory during a heat wave in LA....let us know what you think!!

Here are a few "before" pictures - 

The walls are painted, we are ready to wallpaper.  
We had a good system Paula cut the wall paper, Deb put the paste on and Janelle would put it on the wall.
This is Jorge, we think he is amazing.  he built our booth and got it to the show with our beautiful walls all intact.  He is very clever and figured out any dilemma we had.  THANKS JORGE!!
And now the "after" pictures -

The booth is sort of an I shape with a small walkway between two sections.  The center section of this wall, under the awning is our new make and take area.  The awning is made from ticking and the table skirt from burlap.
We used several different wallpapers and burlap to cover the walls.  One of the burlap walls is shown on the left.  The patches were our favorite thing!!  If you were wondering from the last post what we were doing with the coffee grounds from Starbucks, this is it, lot's of burlap now has a little more character.
In between the booth sections is a small cozy walkway with a very gypsy chandelier hanging above.
A's better IRL, lots of fun things hanging among all the beads and prisms.
This is the paper wall, we made 6x12" tags to show all of our paper.  They were hung on vintage yardsticks.
Our savannah sign is made from a page from a vintage ledger.  We sewed it onto cardboard and added grommets in the corners to tie it onto the silver tray.  Also notice the cute frame in the top right corner.....very cute board with lots of 7g details by Ann Mabee.
More views of the booth -

The new Savannah collection wall - you will love the collection!!
Inspire on ledge by renee Camacho - using the new binderie punch.  The journals shown were done by Katie Watson, Sande Krieger and Janelle Smith.
Naked purse kit - done by Katie Watson
4x6 carousel by Sande Krieger - it is a recipe holder.  She not only included the recipes but with each recipe was a photo of the person who gave her the recipe and a little about the person.  Also notice the drawer that it is sitting on, Paula found them on the side of the road!!  She is a true gypsy!!
A few of the ledges in the booth
Paula Cheney and Jamie Waters did these pages.
We had a great time at the show, thanks to all of you who came and saw us!!


Rachel Carlson said...

the booth was fantastic! everything looked so vintage chic. my favorite was the chandelier. always good to see you. hugs, rachel

Michelle*G said...

So beautiful! Love the new line and can't wait to get my hands on it. :) Thanks for the photos.

iowapapergirl said...

Amazing booth! I think I want to live in it.

Samantha Brown said...

Beautiful booth, was the initial structure custom built? Any chance to get the name/contact of the people that built it? I work in a totally different industry....