Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How do you spin?

We spotted this fabulous ATC spinner on the blog of our very good friend Melani. Don't you just want to peek inside? That could be challenging since Melani lives in South Africa, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to see all the pages of her little masterpiece. We love all the things sticking out all is so very gypsy!
Artist- Melani De Groot
Now, if you're reading this and saying, "what in the heck is a spinner?", we can answer that here... it's just like a mini book, but you spin instead of turning the pages. They can be large 4 x 6 size (so they fit pictures right from the developing counter)
or 2 1/2 x 3 5/8" where you may have to have smaller printed pictures.
The large photo carousel holds a lot of cards (we really mean A LOT... mucho, a gazillion). Pictures can be punched with the atc punch or fed into sleeves (easy).
The small ATC holder (artist trading card) can be used with sleeves for ATC's but can also be used many other ways. You can see some great ideas on our website here:
A small spinner can hold up to 85 cards comfortably. Remember, you want to be able to open and see what you have created. The more 3-d type embellishments on the cards, the less cards it will hold.
Anyway, back to Melani's atc holder...When we saw this picture we got to thinking... what are people using their spinners for? Does it have a theme? Did you make it for yourself or for a friend or family member? What was your favorite product and what product were you wishing 7gypsies sold to complete your spinner?

If you send us a post about any of these questions we will put you into a random drawing for some 7gypsies product. For those of you that have finished a spinner
(either ATC holder or 4 x 6 Carousel), email us a photo and we will post a few to our blog in the future, as well as put you in the drawing for the giveaway. The drawing will be on Friday, Oct. 3rd. We would love to see what you have created!

Email photos to with the subject line: Spinner
If you know someone else who has made a spinner and might be interested in this post... please forward 7gypsies blog


Tracey said...

I have seen these spinners but have yet to make one. This one is FABULOUS though!!!!

robamil said...

I am still working on my ATC spinner and enjoying every minute. I adore the ATC transparencies!! My wish was granted when 7Gypsies released the ATC punch.

Anonymous said...

i have been eyeing these spinners off for some months now....i'd so love one!! ... {unfortunatley with the lack of finances in our home of late, such pure luxuries as these beautiful 7G products, will remain as nothing more than pure eye candy for me}


hydee said...

I have the 4x6 spinner and I also purchased some cards to go in it. unfortunately I also tried to puchased some stuff fom the website to decorate it and it was all gone I was heart broken so back to square one. But I am sure I will love it when it is done.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

i have never done a spinner, but i have seen melani's (she is a friend), and the photos do not do it justice! you gotta see the real thing, to realise just how awesome it is!

melani is so talented and she is 7gypsie's beat advert. i hope you appreciate her...

Anonymous said...

I'm working on my second spinner right now. The first one was all Christmas - all about traditions in our family. This next one is all about the different holidays our family has been on. Just jumbled together, not chronologically. Love the whole gypsy look to these!!


Debbi said...

I havethe ATC spinner. I'm doing mine with pictures of my children and grandchildren along with lots and lots of quotes that I love. These are really fun. Everyone should have one.

jan said...

The spinner & Photo Carousel are wonderful. I love that it can be see/use...I had a time locating the punch...I'm working on my 2nd carousel..Just love it!

lldelisi said...

i am currently working on my first ATC size spinner. the theme is "a year of memories". I am using all the photos, little things we picked up along the way, and many quotes of what the kids said throughout the year. I love love love the 97% complete stickers and tags and have been using those a lot. i enjoy this project so much because every page is tiny, easy and quick to create and then once they are all added to the spinner, it becomes a real pice of art.

Denise L. said...

I don't have one of these yet but I am thinking that I could use it as a revolving recipe card holder.

Jamie said...

My Favorite!!!

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