Friday, August 21, 2009

Product Challenge~ New feature!

Beginning in September, we will be issuing a challenge each month to YOU, our creative gypsies.

We will pick one of our favorite 7gypsies products~ it could possibly be one you may have in your stash and are wondering what to do with it or something brand new that you can't wait to get your dirty little gypsy fingers on.

The challenge will be to see who can use this product in the most inspiring way.

Think big, try something new, and don't be afraid to push the limits~ it's the way of the gypsies!

The point being we want you to PLAY with a variety of products that you may not realize you love until you've tried them! And if that isn't enough, we will be giving away some gypsy swag (i.e. lots of cool 7gypsies products) to whomever posts the most creative use of the product in our monthly product challenge gallery. So stay tuned because we will announce September's product challenge at the beginning of the month with directions for how to enter to win!

But to get those creative juices flowing we sent out a challenge for our Metal Page Edges to 3 of our talented creative team members just to give you a preview of what to expect. But before we show you what they came up with let's give you a brief description of what these little wonders are.

These edges are made from soft, flexible metal. They are super easy to work with because you can punch holes in them, cut them with scissors, bend them and best of all~ they are adhesive backed! They come in a variety of shapes and colors... see the photos below of our silver scalloped and black lace designs or click here to see the full selection.

The most traditional use for these, of course is to decorate your page edges. Simply peel the off the paper backing to expose the adhesive then place the metal edge along the side of your page, cover, photo, etc. and pinch closed. Super simple and they add a vintage touch to your project.

Curious to see what we're talking about??

In the above photo our creative team member, Renee, trimmed the edges and used them to embellish her layout. If you look closely you will see that she has SEWN the metal to her page. Yes, sewn! The metal is so easy to work with that you can send it through a sewing machine.

Metal Page edges can also be sanded to give them an aged look like on the cover of Paula's journal above. You'll notice she has trimmed the edges so that they are 2 flat pieces then sanded them to expose the metal underneath the silver coating.

We love the pieced together look that Paula has created on her canvas edge. It was super easy to do but oh so creative! Simply trim your edges to varying sizes, punch holes using a hand punch and piece different colors and patterns of metal edges together using brads. Once all of the edges have been assembled together you can easily peel off the backing to expose the adhesive and wrap them around the canvas edge for a look that's SO GYPSY!

The metal edges can also be transformed with paint and sandpaper. Simply cover your metal edge with a layer of paint (yes you can paint them to match any project) and when dry lightly sand to expose the metal under the paint. You can further embellish with stickers as shown above or by adding your favorite rubons or even stamping a design onto the metal surface!

GYPSY SECRET: When altering your metal edges like Ann has below, be sure to peel the clear protective coating off of the front of the edge first. Otherwise you will be wondering why on earth your paint isn't sticking!! Trust us, we've been there before!

We are hoping these few simple ideas have inspired you to make this 7gypsies exclusive product a funky addition to your next project! Click
HERE to give them a try!!


Renee said...

sounds like fun!

Ranjini said...

Gorgeous projects! I lvoe how Paula combined all the different edges on her piece - stunning.

Michelle*G said...

These projects are amazing! Very cool ways to use the edges!

Ginger Dougherty said...

sure enough I do have some in my stash...should be fun!!!

Carol Weimer said...

I have used these metal edges for a wonderful collage peice. I'm hoping I can figure out how to post it to your gallery. Thanks for the inspiration.

JPScraps said...

Love these projects but I have very little 7 Gypsies so I probably won't be able to do the challenges. :(

Susan said...

I just love these metal edges and have used them tons! Great projects.