Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are you a TRUE gypsy?

Okay, so for all you TRUE gypsies out there, Janelle has created a fabulous wall hanging. Do you not love it? That girl can throw everything on (including the kitchen sink) and make it look like the most fabulous piece of cool art work ever.
Read on to see how she did it...

Acrylic Wall Hanging
by Janelle Smith
Janelle printed a picture of her daughter on a transparency sheet. She cut the transparency to size and punched holes to match the acrylic hanging book piece which is 6 x 7". Once the transparency was in place she ran an elastic (one of our very favorite products ever!) through the holes and around the back to hold the transparency in place. She added a metal book handle to the top (these just slip on) so the piece will hang as well as secure the transparency.
Now the fun begins! Janelle added lots and lots of dangles (pearl, crystal and silver chain), naked buttons and dangle charms all hanging from the elastic.

At the bottom she added a crystal book knob with a large hanging crystal from our NEW Princesca hardware kit...of course Janelle added some funky rubbings on top. Love it! A couple binding rings in the second hole, with dangle charms (pink flower, silver heart and purse) and vintage buttons added to complete the wall hanging.

We will mention that the acrylic book comes with 3 pieces so can you just imagine what two more added panels to the project would look like. Just add binding rings to connect the pieces together!
Thanks to Janelle for such a great...out of the box...project. We love it!

Come back tomorrow when you can see how acrylic and a stretched canvas can work together to make a fun project. Can you figure it out??


Michelle*G said...

Very cool gypsy project! Love it!

Renee said...

Wow..that's gorgeous!

Sonia said...

What a little treasure for any Gypsy! Just love it. Thanks for sharing.

cottagerca said...

great creative idea

Ranjini said...

This is so gypsified! Absolutely stunning project Janelle!