Monday, October 5, 2009

A fine trip to Paris

Book Cover-Vintage

We were so inspired by Sande Krieger's Paris Journal made from one of our book covers that we asked if we could share some up close and personal pictures. Sande is the queen of embellishment in our book (no pun intended)! She can use a lot but make it look like it's just enough. She's a genius when it comes to stamping (and we all know how long it takes to stamp perfect words) but she makes it seem effortless in her work. We love how she can combine multiple elements and yet make them all work in harmony.
We guarantee you're gonna have to look at this post more than it!

Sande used the Binderie Punch to punch holes in the red book cover. The Binderie punch makes it so simple to add as many pages into a journal as you want!
The pages in the journal are made from
97% Complete Gypsy journal pages, Photo Carousel Cards (that's the shaped edge cards...Sande just cut off the edge where you would normally attach the card to the Photo Carousel) and pieces from the Ephemera Pack-Gypsy.
Love those Ephemera packs! She also used the Alphabet clear stamp-Savannah for the word "our" at the top of the first page.

All the good flea market words, stickers and tabs came from our very favorite ( and oh so near and dear to our heart) 97% sticker, G is for Gypsy. It has some of our favorite sayings and quotes like: "I buy on speculation" and "she was a stinkin' genius" or "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk"- Thomas Edison.

The glittered flourish and crown rubon are from the Textured Rubon-Victoria.

Can you believe Sande actually stamped the words that go around the edge of the card? How she got them to come out that perfect is beyond us...?
The cute bird is from the NEW Victoria clear stamp.
We almost hate to mention it again, but our Disclaimer clear stamp is hard at work throughout this entire journal. Need we say more (buy me) about it?
subliminal message in use

If you would like to see more of Sande's fabulous Paris Journal you can find it here.
Thanks Sande for sharing!


Bethany Kartchner said...

What a gorgeous project. I've been a big Gypsies fan for ages, but for some reason this is my first time on your website! Where has my brain been? Anyway, I'm loving all the inspo and the whole feel. Great place! Adding you to my sidebar! :)

BabyBokChoy said...

Dear 7Gypsies, since the first time I laid my eyes on your product back in 2003, I have been buying and collecting. I have all your 97% complete stickers, rubbings, you name it. And I have just purchased the disclaimer set of stamps because I have 3 sheets of that disclaimer rubbing but I can't use it because if I use it, it'll be gone, so I'm grateful you came out with the stamp set. I've already used it in a mini-album, it's BEYOND glorious, thank you for your amazing products throughout the years, you never disappoint! I would love to show you my mini-album that I did using your set of stamps, it's just really awesome! :)

Vel said...

Truly a work of art and something to aspire to. TFS!

the gypsies said...

Dear BabyBokChoy,

We too have the old disclaimer rubbing that is so dear to us that we just can't use the last one since it will be gone be quite honest, we have a few 7gypsy items that we corners, tissue paper, and Le Monde paper to name a few.
We would love to see your journal! If you like you can post to the member gallery for all to see or email us at

Debby said...

Beautiful project. I love mini albums. This inspires me to continue working on y own trip to San Francisco. Paris would have been more fun. Sigh....

Renee said...

Gorgeous to go see more on Sande's blog.

iowapapergirl said...

Love this project. Like BabyBokChoy I tend to hoard my Gypsy goodies because I don't want them to be gone. Maybe you should bring back the book corners and tissues (for starters). :o) I am stock piling the Barcelona papers because I know they will be classics that work well with future things. I also hoard the white Life paper. It is my all-time favorite paper!

Beth Perry said...