Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Project #12

Gypsy Necklace
guest designer Kerry Lynn

As far as we can remember we have never had a piece of jewelry featured on the Gypsy Journal... until today!
I made the necklace with vintage chain and pieces from the 7gypsies crystal Princesca kit.  For the spoon charm, I drilled a hole at the bottom and added a small crystal dangle from the same kit. 

The linen fabric is ruche threaded with wire {super easy w/o a needle since linen is a loose weave} and then I created a hook at the top of the linen and at the end of the wire for the closure. I then attached 4 different large jumprings to the double layered seam binding so that i could wear it at different lengths.  The hook on the linen/wire part links to these.
This picture shows it short.
and this picture shows it long.
We love this idea!
The only question is...
How many can we make before next Thursday?
"lets see... one for my sister, my best friend, my mom and there's the gift exchange and..."


Anonymous said...

I love this! My ex husband and I had a thing about "spooning" and on one of our many vacations..we found tiny spoon earrings.... I think this coles in 2nd of one of the most precious tings that remind me of him!..
Thanks for bringing back good memories at a hard time!

Cassie said...

What an amazing necklace!! The linen rouching is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! What a great look!

How many by Thursday... hopefully ONE for ME! :)

Michelle*G said...

Super creative!

Dawn -Doodle Princess said...

I love this piece, brilliant for sure.

robyncal said...

Kerry Lynn is a genius! LOVE this-for sure.

fairyrocks said...

Lovely bit of whimsical jewelry!!
I have been inspired, THANKS!!

Gretchen said...


Audrey said...

Simply Beautiful!!!!

AudreyGardenLady at etsy

Sherry Lynn said...
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Sherry Lynn said...

I love this piece..what is Linen Rouching?