Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Project #15

It's all about the trays today!

 Family Picture Tray 
Peg Hewitt
 We love this Photo Tray from an artist halfway around the world in Australia.  Peg has taken, what started as a white Photo Tray (not to be confused with the Artist Printer's Tray that has 12 small squares) and made a very clever, almost window-like effect.  

 The openings in the Photo Tray are 4 x 6" to accommodate a standard photo which makes it super easy to plunk down your picture in the opening.  But...Peg turned the tray on it's head by first orienting the tray on it's side, adding a larger picture than 4 x 6, and then actually cutting the picture into 4 pieces to make it fit.  It might take a bit more work to find a picture to make this technique work, but if this is the result, we think it's worth the effort.
Opens up a whole new line of thought, huh?

 Oh, and by the way...she covered the back of the tray too.
Thanks Peg for letting the gypsies share your tray!
Peg is on the design team for Shop and Crop, a great place to pick up some 7g goodies if you live in Australia.
If you have any questions about the tray you can contact Peg via her blog.

Ann Mabee
This Artist Printer's Tray (this is the one with all the little squares mentioned above) was made by Ann Mabee, one of the members of the gypsy design team.  Ann took the simple idea of wanting Christmas pictures of her grandkids and made it into an easy Christmas themed tray.
First, she set up a photo booth by hanging a white sheet as a background.  Next step?... She pulled in a small decorated tree.  Then, to add some variety (rather than just having each kid stand by the tree), she chose an old wooden chair and a red stool to give the kids something to hold on to or sit on.  We think it worked!
After the photo shoot (and what kid wouldn't want to have their own photo shoot?), she used Photoshop Elements to add the digital brush frame and each name to the picture.  Add in a little red flocked paper, some cut pieces of a metal paper edge and a few embellishments and your done!
We love this idea!


Michelle*G said...

Both of these projects are lovely! I really liked the one that covered the back too! My tray should be getting to my LSS soon...and I'll have all these ideas ready to go!

Dawn said...

Both of these are just spectacular, wonderful Christmas gift I think!

Tina S said...

Love the Grandkids tray! I don't have any yet but I sure could fill it with kids. WOW!

Linda the GiddyGardener said...

Fabulous idea! I would layer next year's pictures over the top of this year's with the same props. Love it.

Karin said...

Love the trays...beautifully done!

fairyrocks said...

Feeling the G~spot love for both of these frames. Beautiful family photo's

{VICKI} said...

the 4x6 tray is on my wishlist

Jo said...

brilliant idea! love those trays!