Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Project Challenge

Our Product Challenge for January is the Medium Black Portfolio.  We love this product and if you ever have the chance to play with one you will too!  They are about 7 x 9" and come in a two pack for about $4.  They come in three colors; black, red, and gray stock that you would most likely cover with patterned paper. We love that once you put things inside and it's closed up with the elastic straps, it becomes like a little present all snug and tight.
We have made them for vacations we have taken, invitations to a girls getaway week (wouldn't you want to go if you got one?), and a Year in a Glance where each page had a picture that represented something significant that happened each month of the year.  
There are just so many ideas...and we hope that this week we can give you a few more from the design team.  Let's get started!

Travel Portfolio
Vicki Boutin
Stamp script image from the Nottinghill Clear Stamp inside a Medium black Portfolio and add Distress ink.
Trim and add black dot paper.
Using stripe and flower print gaffers tape, bind together three tabbed black Photo Carousel cards, add pom pom ribbon to front and adhere to inside portion of portfolio.
Stamp Photo Carousel card, trim left edge and add to the left flap of the portfolio with Paper Tape.  Add bird tag and stickers.  Add stickers to the top and bottom flap.

Add two strips of patterned paper (this is ONE paper - yellow stripe on one side, black dot on the other) to the front flap.  Create a scalloped edge with a border punch.
Attach a another Photo Carousel Card and a tag to the front cover.  Stamp the oval, butterfly (from the same stamp set with the script from above) and “travelogue”.  Add stickers and bird tag.  Cover the right edge of the inside flap with more stripe gaffers tape.
  Add seam binding ribbon , red crystal dangles, and a metal dangle that says, "journey".  Attach stickers to the right front flap.
Other products:
Archival Ink- Black (Ranger)
Distress Ink- Vintage Photo (Ranger)
Stop by again to see what other idea's we come up with!


Beth said...

that is really awesome and creative!
I am flying to New Orleans on Thursday and I wish I could have seen this earlier! This would have been amazing to carry in my purse along the way...I could have added journaling and little memorabilia as I went!

Tina S said...

This is just beautiful. I must make one...but what to put inside? Oh, never mind about that. Something will come along and I'll have the perfect folder!

kaz said...

this is awesome. so gorgeous.
love it !!

Linda the GiddyGardener said...

Love this!!!

coRinne not connie said...

Vicki - that is soooo cool - love it! and those label/journalling spots???? what? i missed those somewhere along the way - must get my hands on those!

patientmom said...

Oh my goodness, you have done it again! What a fantastic idea...can't wait to get started....Thank you for always thinking outside the box, you never cease to amaze me!....happy crafting!

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Denise said...

This is so awesome!! I love it!

Ranjini said...

Vicki - LOVE this. Love the scalloped edges - what a creative idea!

amfuller said...

LOVE this!! It will go on my list of things to make!

fairyrocks said...

Always something inspiring here!!
Thanks for the lifts LOL

Kathy K said...

cool idea

Donna said...

This is fabulous, so creative and great idea. I really want to take this and create my own!

BlueMoonScrapbooking said...