Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Venice Card Set
by Debbie Crouse

I love the Venice clear stamp set.  I made a set of thank you cards using the stamp set along with paper, paper tape, bakers twine and ribbon, an old dictionary and 7g kraft envelopes.  
Cut cards to fit the 7g kraft envelopes.   Stamp card and add bits of paper and paper tape.  Include ribbon or twine in stitching on card and don’t forget the envelope flap.  Simple, easy and I love having some thank you cards ready and waiting when the occasion arises.

Card No. 1
sew over string
tie a bow

Card No. 2

Card No. 3


Angela Muniz said...


Rachel Carlson said...

molto bella. deb, i ♥ these cards - thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle*G said...

These are just lovely!

Christine said...

These are so lovely. I really like the sewn on ribbon and bakers twine. So cute!

Jen said...

OH my gosh, these cards are soooo fabulous! Love your creativity...thanks for the inspiration!

Ranjini said...

Deb - these cards are stunning! Thanks for the inspiration!

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