Monday, March 29, 2010

a few more ideas

If you're still not convinced that you NEED to give the stacked accordion a try then check out what these fabulous gypsies were able to do with theirs!

First up our Blog winner, Debby Podgorski found that the stacked accordion was the perfect place to tuck her photos and journaling from her trip to NYC.  We love the way she used the stacked mini book for her journaling and the large pages of the accordion for her photos.

And Canadian gypsy Susan Tutt did an incredible job of filling her accordion cover to cover using papers from the new avignon collection, metal page edges, transparencies, gaffer tape and her very own photos.

What can you do with yours??


Barbara said...

I am having difficulty reading the notes on your blog. Sometimes, as I scroll up and down a section, I cancatch the type; I couldn't read anything on this post. Any suggestions?

peggy said...

these look great! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem as Barbara, the text disappears as I scroll down...?? I wish my local scrapbook stores would carry your products... something about too high of a minimum?

Michelle said...

Here is my version of the stacked accordian. Loved playing with it!

kristintxo said...

And this is mine:
I love this album {♥}