Thursday, July 22, 2010

a good rubbing...

We love a good rubbing here at the gypsy workshop.  
You know... the take a fabulous vintage image and rub it onto anything kind of rubbing??
(not following? then read on gypsy...)

We simply adore that rubbings can go so many places and on all kinds of surfaces (trust us we've tried it all).  If you haven't mastered the art of stamping you'll delight in the crisp & clear results you get from using a rubbing instead AND they are super easy to use.

1.  cut out the image you'd like to rub
2.  peel off the protective backing
3.  place on surface
4.  rub until you can see the image has transferred

Here are just a few of the places a rubbing can go...



or how about ornaments, crystals, baby spoons...

they also look great rubbed directly to any of our trays!
(shown here on the white artist printers tray)

Inspired?  Then check out the full collection of NEW rubbings HERE

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Carey B. said...

You gypsies are so busy!!! I love the rubbing on the baby spoon--precious!

Rbarakat said...

This is so cool !!!

vintage girl at heart said...

perfect ideas!!

Pearl Maple said...

Loving the new web site catalogue and everything

Kris said...

Absolutely love all the different ideas you can use the rubbings for!!!

I'm super excited!!!

{VICKI} said...

have some rubbings

jbonomo said...

This is so fabulous! Love all new ideas, rubbings, papers and goodies. This is better than Xmas!