Saturday, August 27, 2011

diy: globe paper chain

what you need: paper, scissors, adhesive and string.
one. Use a circle stencil (or bottom of a tin can) to trace circles and cut. Each globe contains 7 circles. (the more the merrier!) we cut three different size circles to create dimension in our paper chain.
two.  Fold each circle in half.
three. Select two folded circles, use any type of adhesive (we used a tape runner) and glue two flat sides together. Repeat until you get to the last circle you need to glue.
four. Place string in the middle of the circles before you glue the last one on, then glue the last circle on to form a ball.
five. Repeat steps one through four until you have string of paper globes!

hang up anywhere your gypsy heart desires!!!


Queenie said...


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle*G said...

Love it! The papers are wonderful for this!

Noel said...

Cool idea....great papers.

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