Sunday, August 21, 2011

gypsy tip: color rubbings on any surface

have you seen the new 7gypsies color rubbings? 
yes we said COLOR rubbings.
think vintage details and lots of bright colors~ choose from apothecary labels, tickets, ephemera and BUTTERFLIES!
 and these rubbings can be transferred on just about any surface... 
(we'll show you!)

have you noticed that bright colored butterflies are popping up everywhere? - fashion, jewelry, home decor, bottles - you name it - butterflies are in!  

check out the butterflies on these apothecary bottles~ you can create your own set using the butterfly rubbings or how about that FABULOUS globe covered with butterflies to map out the world! 
oh so clever...

It's simple to add your own rubbings to just about any surface.  
We've tried ours on glass, wood, metal, fabric, acrylic, crystals, glass ornaments and even a pair of shoes!

use rubbings to dress up your glass serving bottles, mini tins and wood drawers

or even this mini spoon, metal organizer or right on the surface of a 7gypsies tray!

can you see these crystals and ornaments hanging from your christmas tree? 
what a way to add a bit of gypsy to your old christmas ornaments!

even customize your shoes using rubbings.
gypsy tip: after the rubbings were transferred to the shoes, 
we set them in place with a blast of air from a heat gun.

Ready to try rubbings?  
Here are a few simple tips for transferring onto mixed surfaces:

2.  Hold rubbing in place firmly with your finger while you rub to transfer your design to the surface
3.  Peel back the top protective sheet slowly to ensure that the design has transferred
4.  Keep rubbing if the design hasn't transferred~ patience helps with this tip!
5.  Once the design has transferred gently rub surface with your finger to smooth and reinforce bond to surface.

here we place our ticket rubbing on the edge of our artist printers tray
gypsy tip: move very slow, working small sections at a time to wrap the rubbing around the edges

we love layering here in the workshop - here we add a rubbing to the tray edge on top of another rubbing! 

we can't resist placing our rubbings on apothecary bottles.  

Just follow our few basic tips and you'll be covering just about everything you can find with rubbings! 
gypsy tip: this is extremely addicting.

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lou mi said...

I love love love the color rubbings can't wait to get some to try. so many things i could do with these thank you for sharing :)

Elna Wohlitz said...

Stunning, as always! Love the sneakers as well as the metal and glass objects.