Thursday, October 13, 2011

artist advent blog kit: section #2 by sierra schubach

Section #2 - Sierra

My name is Sierra, and I take care of all domestic and international accounts here at the gypsy workshop.
Materials: (all 7gypsies)
(2) 10"x1" and (2) 6"x1" Paris tissue paper
(1) Apothecary bottle (smaller one)
(3) Mini keys 
Tag kit: Affirmations (love is all you need, #2)
(1) Display trim pyramid stud 
(3.5") Venice gaffer tape - cut in half vertically
Lille 6x6 paper (life is good)
Other Items:
(1) glue dot

Project tips:
- you can substitute the 7gypsies packaging in the kit for any of the chipboard/book board needed. be very careful when opening the packaging if you would like to use it.
- keep ALL your paper scraps from each section, you will need them for section #11
- you can use scissors in place of all punches
- you can use the purple ribbon in the ATC Photo Display kit in place of any string and wire

1. First select the ATC card “love is all you need.” Cut about a centimeter off the left edge, this way it fits better in the receipt holder.
2. Grab your tissue paper, and cut four strips - (2) 10"x1" and (2) 6"x1". Accordion fold, or scrunch tissue paper, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. 
3. Next you are going to adhere the scrunched/accordion folded pieces to the back of your ATC card. Make sure as you adhere you are able to see the tissue peeking out of the edges of the ATC card.
Tip: I used a tape runner to apply adhesive around the edge of the back of the ATC card.
4. Next grab your gaffer tape and cut a 3.5" piece (same length as your ATC card). Cut the tape in half lengthwise. With one of the strips you cut, scallop one edge and tape to left side of ATC card.
5. Place three of the mini keys inside one of the smaller apothecary bottles. Using the remaining piece of tape, adhere the mini apothecary bottle to the left side of your ATC card.
6. Using your Lille paper: “Life is Good”, cut out a star from the bottom right corner (make sure you are careful of the area with the spectacles, you will need them for section #7), and adhere to top left corner of ATC card, just next to the tape. Peel back the adhesive on your pyramid stud and put in top left corner.
7. Grab your “2” from the ATC package and glue on top of receipt holder clip for a finished look!

Join Mindy Erickson, Saturday for section #3. Other items needed are:
(5) foam adhesive squares or circles
Brown stamping ink