Thursday, September 22, 2011

diy: Scrapfest make & take!

what you need:  circle book board, conservatory clear stamp, tissue paper (1-5"x5", 4-4"x4") chipboard alpha, mini ephemera, naked tabs, papertape, acrylic block, ink, foam brush, mod podge (or other adhesive), small piece of sand paper, scissors and ribbon.
one. grab the 4-4"x4" squares and stack on top of each other. begin by fan folding the pieces about 1/2" wide
two.  tie the ribbon into a knot (be sure that it's snug but not crimping the tissue paper)
three. adjust the knot to be on the side without the print. using a pair of scissors, round the ends of the tissue paper. beginning with the top layer, being gently peeling up the first layer of tissue bringing it towards the center.   
four. tip: keep one hand near the center while using the other to gently and SLOWLY pull the layers up. repeat this process until all layers have been separated and pulled up towards the center. set aside.
five. using a foam brush, coat the circle bookboard in mod podge (or other adhesive). you want to get it as even and smooth as possible
six. lay the tissue paper on the circle. tip: DO NOT try to smooth out lumps or wrinkles - this will tear the tissue paper. 
seven. using the small piece of sand paper, gently brush the edges of the bookboard going completely around the circle. tip: DO NOT try to tear the tissue off, continue sanding the area to get a clean edge.
eight. place the butterfly and "by air mail" stamps on an acrylic block together and stamp so that the butterfly's wings are inside the tab on the naked tab.
nine. glue the naked tab onto the tissue covered bookboard wherever you want. (we placed it in the center but do what your gypsy heart desires)
ten. grab a piece of mini ephemera and glue to the bookboard. rip two strips of papertape and stick them on top of the mini ephemera. 
eleven. glue the chipboard letter or number of your choice on top of the papertape. 
twelve. line up the bookboard circle as close to the center as you can and punch. tip: be VERY careful to line up as centered as you can. if your punch goes off the board, you can use papertape to reinforce and try punching again. 
thirteen. tie the ribbon through each hole.
fourteen. glue tissue paper flower onto bookboard.


donna!ee said...

awesome...thank you much for the beautiful & easy how to!! :)

Li' NaisyDaisy said...

wow love your flower!! enjoyed it, thanks..

Sylvia from Minnesota said...

Made your project at Scrapfest-very cool! Your tissue paper is great. I had been wanting someone to come up with a tissue in a vintage - collage style. thanks

MaineOkie said...

very cute!