Thursday, September 15, 2011

gypsy tip: library drawer dividers

we know that our library drawer is a fun way to display projects, organize photos, store recipes and more, but we get lots of requests for creative ways to create dividers in the drawer that hold your items in place.

so we thought we'd share some fun divider ideas we've discovered in the gypsy workshop...

square hooks are the new gotta-have-for-every-project product...
simply adhere square hooks to each side of your drawer to create a slotted divider

or string one of our chain dangles across the square hooks for a decorative divider. use your imagination and see what YOU, our creative gypsies, could tie to these as dividers!
think ribbons, twine or even embellish chains with trinkets.

elastics become a quick divider if you combine them with our loops!  just add loops to the sides of your drawer and thread the elastic ends through.

now you know how much we love papertape. 
we are always on the hunt for new uses and we found these are a gorgeous addition to the drawer...

want the dividers to be adjustable? why not use thick rubber bands? 

we are LOVING our new rulers and have to find ways to incorporate them into EVERY project! by using a small piece of bookboard on each side, these rulers fit nice and snug inside the drawer
(gypsy tip: these can be glued in place or not to remain adjustable)


connie k. said...

great ideas!

Deniz said...
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heidig said...

I love all of these ideas - especially the rulers! Very cute!