Saturday, October 22, 2011

artist advent blog kit: section #7 by mou saha

Section #7 - Mou Saha

Hi there, Mou Saha here today :)
I am a happy member of the 7 Gypsies design team and a Contributing Writer for Creating Keepsakes magazine.  I created section 7 of this collaborative creative project.
Working on this kind of a project was one of a kind experience for me! Let me walk you through my process in as much detail as I can because I just love details!

Materials: (all 7gypsies)
Tag Kit: Affirmations (#7, do your best)
6x6 Lille paper (life is good)
(3") Venice gaffer tape
ATC Photo Display Kit tag (have your fortune told)
Paris Tissue
(1) mini label
(1) mini key
Other Items:
Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick Distress Stickles (or glitter)
Pink acrylic paint
Faber-Castell metallic pink gelato
Tim Holtz Wild Honey Distress Stain
String (or black ribbon from kit)

Project tips:
- you can substitute the 7gypsies packaging in the kit for any of the chipboard/book board needed. be very careful when opening the packaging if you would like to use it.
- keep ALL your paper scraps from each section, you will need them for section #11
- you can use scissors in place of all punches
- you can use the purple ribbon in the ATC Photo Display kit in place of any string and wire

1.      Cut a 4”x3” piece of cream card stock (you can also use an index card)

2.      Apply Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick Distress Stickles (or glitter) to round Affirmation tag ‘7’ and set aside to dry

3.      Cut apart Affirmation tag ‘Do Your Best’ into ‘Do Your’ and ‘Best'

4.      Apply pink acrylic paint with palette knife to both parts making sure that the message isn’t covered up.

5.      Attach ‘Do Your’ to the top of the cream card stock.

6.      Stamp stars on the ‘Do Your’ piece using Lille clear stamp.

7.      Cut out the spectacled eyes out of 6”x6” Lille paper ‘Life is Good’ and attach between ‘Do’ and ‘Your’.

8.      Attach a piece of Venice Gaffer tape right below ‘Your’.

9.      Attach ‘Best’ overlapping the gaffer tape making sure that the tape still shows slightly.

10.  Attach 10 cents tag sideways to cream cardstock below ‘Best’. Cut off the top part that sticks out on the right side of the base cream cardstock. Attach the cut off top above ‘Do Your’.

11.  Cut a small piece of gaffer tape and attach it to the left side of the ATC tag.

12.  Cut one 6”x1” strip of Paris Collage tissue and attach it below ‘Best’ overlapping ATC tag to make a ruffled border.

13.  Write ‘Excellence on mini label naked black sticker and attach above ruffled border.

14.  Machine stitch all around the piece to secure the elements in place as well as for a decorative touch. (optional)

15.  Attach some tissue and gaffer tape on the tag top.

16.  Tie a string (or black ribbon from kit) to the tag top and tie in an antique gold miniature key to one end.

17.  Write ‘The key to success’ in a mini label naked black sticker and wrap it around the other end of the string.

18.  Blend the elements together with a little more pink acrylic paint, metallic pink gelato and Tim Holtz Wild Honey Distress Stain. Ink the edges of the whole piece black.
19.  Once everything is dry, slip the piece into the 7th slot in the middle row.
20.  Attach the glittered round Affirmation tag ‘7’ from step 2 on the white clip of the receipt holder spring with strong adhesive.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. If you have an extra minute, check out the Decor8 blog where I often find inspiration and a lot of interesting creative details.

Join Debbie Crouse Tuesday for section #8. Other items you will need are:
tiny frame (2.5"x3")
page from old book
fabric (3"x5" - any color, will not show on project)
mini tag (1/2"x1" - can create from scrap paper)

seam binding ribbon (or string)
(6") antique brass chain (or string or ribbon)


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Thanks for the detailed instructions, love it....

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@Cottagerca - love that you are loving it!