Saturday, October 8, 2011

look what we've got: tissue!!!

have you seen our tissue and all the fabulous projects it can be used on?
take a look at what we've played with in the gypsy workshop...
tired of an old bracelet? have one sitting around you never wear?
 why not cover it with tissue? 
 we love how the new keys tissue looks covering our pumpkin! what a halloween delight.
 do you have any worn out dresser knobs? we covered ours with tissue and are quite tickled with the result!
 one of our gypsies can't get enough tissue - we even covered her desk shelf with it!
 how fabulous does the new frames tissue look around the light switch? 
tip: we used glue dots to keep it on, can't have the screws messing up our pretty right?
for Christmas? or any other time of the year - try making a tree out of tissue paper!
how lovely would it be to mist spray the tissue and create beautiful holiday decor.


Michelle*G said...

These are some fun ideas! I love the pumpkin!

heidig said...

I love the Christmas tree. I'll have to try that one myself.

Kristi Michelle said...

Love the desk idea, I really want to do that!