Tuesday, January 10, 2012

spotted & hearted: stationery & envelopes

our gypsy caravan has been busy traveling and we just had to share some of the fabulous stationery sets, envelopes and notepads we are seeing everywhere we go! 
these days with technology, it's sometimes hard to see why we would need paper and pencils, but sometimes, picking up that old ink pen, writing a little love note, thank you, congratulations or a simple hello, is just what's needed to make someone's day just a bit more special.
 how about the simple monogram sets or the use of photos and paper to create a vintage polaroid look? very gypsy...
 know someone that loves to write sweet nothings (or wish wrote more sweet nothings) or likes create homemade cards?
this sectioned wood trinket box is a perfect match for a complete stationery set. 
take a peek at the tiny envelopes, packages and notes? such a cute little creation!
 place a simple note on the front, vintage style wedding invitations wrapped in string or a little set with all the necessaries.
what gypsy doesn't love a 1920's-monopoly man-makes-me-giggle mustache? 
 how about grabbing some of our Global collection papers and creating your own map paper envelopes? 
 burlap envelopes? we think those are pretty spectacular....


Bose said...

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Queenie said...


Jill Elaine said...

You reall should link to Besotted Brand on that stamp set. It's only good business to let people know who gets the credit for things this awesome. And it shows them where to purchase it for themselves.

Jen Crossley said...

awesome as always you Rock

Colette said...

I love your 5 pack vintage map envelopes. How do you purchase these items? I was on your website, and can't seem to locate them? Thanks for your help.