Saturday, April 7, 2012

journey: a day in paris

a day in paris
by paula cheney

On a recent trip to Paris I spent the day walking a small part of the city looking for inspiration in the beauty and architecture this city has to offer.  So join me on my walk through Paris armed with a map, my iPhone, and a good pair of walking shoes...because there's a big city ahead.

8:30am - Walking to the Eiffel Tower through the Parc du Champ de Mars
8:30am - Get in line for the Eiffel tower before it opens.  Riding up with the first 10 people is worth the wait.  Fabulous views of the city in every direction.  Where to walk today?  definitely along the Seine and then who knows?
To one side, a look down at the Champ de Mars where I just came from.
And the other direction...the place I think I will head next, the road between the Petit Palais and the Grande Palais.
11:00 - Stroll along the Seine to the Pont Alexander Bridge.

12:00 - Cross the Pont Alexandre bridge, widely regarded as the most ornate and extravagant bridge in Paris.  I agree!
 If you turn to the left while on the bridge you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
12:30pm - Head up Avenue Winston Churchill between the Grande Palais the Petit Palais.  Built for Universal Exhibition in 1900, the Petit Palais now houses the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts.
The gold gate at the entrance to the Petit Palais.
1:00pm - Cross the busy Champs Elysees and walk into the park.  Pick any of the benches in the park to sit and enjoy the trees and blooming flowers.  If you are a true Parisian you will be reading a book. 
2:00 - After spending some time in the park, walk a bit further toward the Rue Royale, passing the American Embassy on the way.  Stop in for lunch at any of the wonderful bakeries (Boulangerie) along the street.  The fresh sandwiches will be ready when you arrive and almost impossible to choose from.
And how can you pass up a pastry for dessert?  then again, how do you choose?
3:00pm - After lunch, head toward La Madeleine for a peek inside.
 3:30pm - Back down the steps, walk around Le Madeleine and onto Rue Tronchet for the rest of the trip.  Keep walking taking note of the shops along the way.
4:00pm - On to the huge Printemps department store.  I could spend hours in this store looking at everything from clothes to furniture design.
 Very fun glassware
 Love this display for Louis Vuitton bag.
7:00pm- After dinner in the cafe, leave Printemps and take the Metro back to the apartment (too many packages to walk home).  It's been a great day for a walk through a few streets of this great city. I hope you enjoyed the walk too.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like an AMAZING trip!! I loveeeeeeee all the photos, and loving the sign at the church!

marilyn said...

Beautiful photos and looks like you had a great time. That church sign is priceless!

Maureen Williams said...


heidig said...

It looks gorgeous there! I must go. I'd love to see what you bought.

jbonomo said...

thanks for bringing a little piece of Paris to brighten up my day. it's been too long since my last trip.

Elaine W. said...

You were living the dream. That's where I want to go one day. Your pictures are beautiful!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wonderful pictures! brings back lovely memories and makes me want to go back!

Chris T said...

Oodles of fun reading this-love your pictures and commentary!

Sue Fraser said...

Paula,thanks for sharing. Brings back a lot of memories of places I went to while there. Feel free to share more!!

Trish said...

Thanks Paula for your pictures and memories of a beautiful city

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