Thursday, April 12, 2012

spotted and hearted: vintage storage

we gypsies, well we love to see anything vintage
storage, signage, photographs, bottles - you name it, if it's vintage, we live for it!!
there are so many fun ways to re-use vintage items for storage - 
take a look at what we found in a journey through Pinterest!
how amazing are these old vintage file storage drawers? 
picture all your gypsy embellishments, tapes, stickers and stamps tucked neatly inside each of these drawers?
see the fantastic picture on the left - that's from one of our very own gypsies home - Paula Cheney! such a fantastic way to store fun items but still keep them on display. 
how about the white wash vintage dresser? swooon
these are perfect for storing all your 7gypsies papers and paper packs - 
they are easy to reach and get right to work!
vintage crates? 
as you can see, these can be used in any room of your house! 
storage for bathroom hand towels, add character to an unused corner of the house or how about storing all your craft necessities or even your children's art supplies?
these vintage metal tins are the perfect accessory to give any room a gypsy-vintage-rustic feel.
how about reusing vintage tins to store pencils? 
stick a magnet on the back, stuff some pencils inside and place it on your fridge for those "where the heck are all my pencils" moments
vintage suitcases? 
no explanation necessary!
bakery tins used for buttons, small metal embellishments - fabulous! 
looking for a creative way to display and store your jewelry? 
grab any of the 7gypsies trays, add some hooks and voila - perfection!
these old trophy's are absolutely stunning! 
use them in your craft room, kitchen or office.
these storage pieces make such a statement in any room!


Nichola said...

*swoon!* It's all soooo gorgeous :)


i love that, it looks great, all!!!


Michelle*GB said...

So very many cool ideas and pieces in this post! Love the turquoise printers tray!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*sigh* these are all amazing!!

Carol said...

Beautiful storage pieces!

Ptitesmimines said...

Amazing !! Gorgeous storage !

Teresa said...

I love all these things that you have for storage. I makes me want to go out antiquing tomorrow and find a few for my scraproom! Thanks so much for the great ideas :) Happy Scrapping!

Anonymous said...

I love all these inspiring pictures and ideas!