Thursday, April 5, 2012

spotted & hearted: creative easter recipes

looking for some inspiration to spiffy up some simple easter recipes?
here at the gypsy workshop, we not only LOVE creativity, we live for it! 
but when you mix creativity with food - you've got our attention! 
these treats are just a tiny selection of the seriously adorable snacks you can create with ordinary food...
 love from the oven
chocolate covered pretzels combined with the oh-so-yummy easter Peeps
you do know your droooling right?
could these cupcakes be any cuter
grab some coconut, marshmallows, frosting and jelly beans and create these adorable treats.
 another lunch
for those of you with little ones (or a husband that is a kid at heart), this lunch is to die for!
picture their face when they see the fun that's in store for lunch - they are sure to not avoid the vegetables.
how fantasticly fun are these deviled eggs?
 who knew you could change the colors of this always-a-hit appetizer?
edible easter baskets? mmmm...
 divine dinner party
these just make us giggle....your party guests are sure to enjoy every bite of this silly snack.
 taste of home
cutest little bunnies in town
 she knows
thirsty? this blog has a few delicious easter adult beverages
serious eats
do you love Peeps? do you love sushi? do you love to make your little ones giggle with delight?
if you answered yes gypsies, these adorable Peeps sushi rolls are just the ticket for your Easter celebration!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Note to self: Don't look at YUMMY food posts before dinner! lol!! These all are FAB!!