Monday, March 18, 2013

Introducing Gypsy Travels!

Rail, Road or by Sea...
the Gypsies have made their way around the world
capturing vintage pieces from years gone by that tell the story of the journey.
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 photo isla-rue12x12.png
 photo continentalterrre.png
 photo trackscolosseumcopy.png
 photo ticketsTravelTrayupperleftcloseup_zps306593d3.png
The journey is perfectly captured on these vintage travel journal pages.
Measuring 5"x7" each captures a perfect piece of the adventure.
 photo traveljournalpagesblog_zpse3045532.png
 photo ParisCharms_zps9c35e259.jpg
 photo travelcharms_zpse1d7aaab.png
 photo TravelTrayLowerLeftCorner_zpscea3f210.jpg
 photo knob_zpse7f0d356.png
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Marion Smith said...

I'm definitely going to use it for a mini album to document all of my travels! I may also use it for a Father's day book since the colors and theme are perfect for that as well!

Michelle*GB said...

So happy to see this new release! Love it and think it's perfect for so many projects!

macmomma said...

What a great collection! I would use it for some altered art!

butterfly said...

Oh, what a gorgeous release - just fantastic, and all very very desirable!!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

finish scrapbooking my trip to Africa last summer.

Mim Heyden said...

I am going to use it to document our travels cross country... Leaving Indiana - Heading west with no real solid plans - Going on an adventure until we find where we want to call home...

shellyatchic unique said...

Very cool collection love it

Dale Tiernan said...

Oh, love!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love them all!!!

Crafty Aunt Dee said...

oh my gosh! This is fabulous. what great paper creating layouts and minis for pics from the early 20th century or travel books. Endless possibilites. Can't wait to find this paper.

fairyrocks said...

Another wonderful collection. These papers speak to the gypsy heart of me. LOVE this travel line, can`t wait for it to hit my local store!!

Barbara b in Fla said...

Perfect for this summer's vacation photos. Can't Wait!

Caerphilly said...

I love the old map pages! I'm planning a wedding with an old timey theme (old maps/globes/keys/other antique elements...not really sure what to call it, if it even needs a name..). I'm glad I stumbled up on this! It's perfect for me to make some decorations and send out invitation, make menus, stuff like that! Thanks! :)

Rustique Gal said...

I love to travel and these papers and things are right up my alley, so to speak! I always find things to love at 7 gypsies...Happy Trails!

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Kathi said...

So fabulous! I'll have to add to my "must get soon" list.

barbie_love said...

Wow I love it all! Amazing!

Carla R. said...

Love this line and the colors!

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