Monday, November 24, 2008

just a little more!

Sande and Janelle showing off their "gypsy girl" t-shirts

We had two sets of very talented girls that made their own "gypsy suitcases" for the event. This one from the Arts and Scraps girls in Vancouver, Washington. They also won a contest for the best store display. Way to go Lynette and Denise!

Also, a shout out to Pam and Barb Drever (Main Street Mercantile). Would you believe they DROVE all the way from Maple Creek, Canada (yes, I said drove...) They also had fun, decorated suitcases... they found one of them in a garbage bin on their way home from work one day! Someone threw it out and they picked it up! That's a true gypsy.

We truly had a great time meeting all of our fellow gypsies.
It was so great to get to know more of you.

We have to mention Lori and Maureen from The Scrap Yard in Calgary, Canada. They stayed with us till about 10:30 Friday night finishing their project after everyone else was gone. While we cleaned up, they just kept working, laughing, making jokes, just having a great time. Lori was one of our "best dressed" gypsies and her enthusiasm for scrapbooking showed.
It's times like this when we remember why we do what we do.

Thanks for making the long trip girls!

And a HUGE THANKS to our 4 helpers:
Tiffany Grayson
Robin Milligan
Colleen Barger
Sarah McKelvey
We couldn't have done it without you!


Heather said...

Those suitcases are lovely!

scrapanath said...

wow, lovelove 7G so I really fond of your t shirts!!
and this suitcase are juste amazing!!

Lori said...

Paula, Thanks for mentioning us in your blog. Remember the new words "klinker" and "traf" when you need a wee chuckle. Lori (The Scrap Yard-Calgary)