Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's in your freezer?

The gypsies received an email today from one of the girls that attended Gypsy Caravan, Mykle Parker. We just had to share what she made when she got home! It is constructed from two of the gypsy bracelets we made (and were selling) at the caravan and would you believe a...FROZEN ORANGE JUICE CAN? You can find the instructions below or contact her at

"The center circle IS from a frozen orange juice container! I used a light colored foil for the base and various copper/gold shades for the rim. I then inlaid 3/4 of the lid with Diamond Glaze (DG) and swirled in Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels. Once that dried I added another layer of DG and used a different color of Glimmer Mist. After that dried I mixed a small amount of DG with each of the two Glimmer Mist colors and went back in to detail the lid with brushes."

"The bare pizza box (one of the kits came in a pizza box) is from the caravan class. I tore out some of the cardboard to get texture. Placed a screen from Tattered Angeles in the center and began to build over it with Bees Wax and mixing Glimmer Mist in. Hit it with some oil paint to pull out dimension, beads, and off we go!"

Can you see the corrugated cardboard on the top left corner?
That Mykle Parker is one tricky girl!

I guess it's time to breakout the gypsy meting pot and get the beeswax going!
We love it...thanks for the inspiration!