Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

Is the new 7gypsies BINDERIE PUNCH...or as our gypsy friend Wendy from Bad Girls Kits calls it... "the little red hottie". We thought we would walk you through some basic steps to making a journal. You will be surprised how simple it is to use!

Step 1-Gather supplies
  1. The amazing Binderie punch!
  2. 1 package 7gypsies 6 x 6 black board (we used 2 of the 4 pieces that come in the package for the front and back covers)
  3. 3 sheets of 12 x 12 Bazzill cardstock (you can use whatever you have on hand). Cut the cardstock into 6 x 6 squares to match cover size.
  4. 3 medium black binding rings- the rings may look large for the size of the book, but after you add embellishments and photos you will need this size.
  5. pencil
  6. ruler
Step 2- Pull out the arm
The bindery punch has an arm that slides out from the right side of the punch. You must pull the arm out one notch (it will click into place). This arm will allow you to drill holes the same distance apart, whether you need 3 holes or 10.

Step 3- Mark your paper
Mark the center on one side of cardstock as shown. Since our cardstock is 6 x 6 we marked it at 3". You only have to mark one piece of cardstock because the Binderie punch will drill through multiple sheets (we are doing 8 sheets in the example) so all will be punched together. Easy huh? All the holes lined up with only one measuring easy.
(TIP: the cardstock will slide into the Binderie punch about 1 1/2" so make your mark long enough so that it does not disappear when you slide the cardstock into the punch)

Step 4: Line up and Punch
Slide the stack of cardstock into the Binderie punch (all 8 sheets)...make sure you push the stack all the way back. Line up the center mark on the top sheet with the Binderie center mark and push the button. That's've just drilled your first two holes.

Step 5: Adding a hole...or 10
It is so easy to add more holes to your project. (Make sure the arm is pulled out from the body of the punch) Place the right hole that you have just drilled in the stack of papers on the "button" found on the arm. Push the stack of paper all the way back and push the button on the top again. Now you have three holes!

TIP: We have found that the easiest way to get the paper/book board out of the machine is to swing the paper out and then lift the stack off "the button" as shown below. Remember...punch, swing out, lift off...very simple.

Step 6: The cover
The cover is done exactly like the pages but there is no marking needed. Just use that same piece of cardstock you have already marked. Lay it on top of the book board cover about 2" from the top as your guide (remember, our cover is black book board). Slide in, line up the markings and punch.
Of course, if you like you can always measure and mark the cover if you choose not to use the previously marked page.

The finished book-
From start to finish it took 10 minutes to make...and that included cutting the cardstock.

Keep watching and you can see the book build...we'll add some very basic elements like the 97% complete ATC sticker -Family  , learn some cool binderie ideas and add some fun things as inclusions. The binderie punch works great for adding quick, you better have a big stack because you won't want to stop!


Linda in Fort Walton Beach said...

Love this! Also adore (and use alot) all the sticker sheets in the 97% Complete line. Do one on a "COFFEE" theme - please?