Friday, January 2, 2009

Binderie Punch project continues...

Now that we've shown you just how easy it is to create a basic journal with the fabulous new binderie punch, let's finish it off with a few easy inclusions.  You'll see how fun it is to add your own ephemera, photos and findings to create your very own album!  And all at the simple push of a button...  aaaah, a little piece of gypsy heaven!

First gather your supplies...

1.  The Binderie Punch   
2.  Any of your own ephemera- photos, cards, letters, receipts~ hey it's your journal.
3.  Our journal cover has been transformed using a clever collage of the Family ATC sticker 
4.  We've used the new journal clear stamp (you can't live without this one!) and gaffers tape  to embellish the cardstock pages in our journal
5.   Journal Pack:  We've used pieces from the Moulin pack.  These journaling packs are perfect additions to your binderie toolkit~  they come with index tab pages, journal pages, journaling cards, pockets, envelopes and stickers all unpunched and waiting to pay a little visit to the binderie punch and added to your favorite projects.
5.  Crystal knob- it's a beautiful way to finish off your cover.
6.  Binding ring dangles- Every true gypsy can't wear enough jewelry and these darling little dangles are just that... jewelry for your binding rings!

We'll start by drilling a hole in the cover for our crystal knob.  The binderie punch offers the versatility to punch just 1 hole if that's all you need.  Just use the markings on the front of the punch to guide where your holes will be punched... mini arrows mark where the holes will be drilled, small line gives you a center guide.

Lay one of the cardstock inserts that you've already punched on top of the cover as a guide for where the holes will be drilled.  For the knob, we'd like to drill a hole in the center of the cover so we will make sure that we line up the center hole at one of the arrow guides on the front of the punch.  Because the bottom edge of our cover doesn't reach the other arrow guide, there will only be 1 visible hole punched.

*Make sure you slide the cover all the way into the punch until you feel it press against the back.
Press the top button to drill 1 hole.Once the hole is drilled you can add your knob!  
Next, collect your ephemera and other findings that you'd like to add to the journal.  You'll see we've collected photos and various pieces of the journal pack that we've added our journaling to and stamped on using the Savannah Alphabet clear stamp.Now here's where the little Binderie punch really shines...  gather ALL of the ephemera (up to 8 pieces at a time) and slide them into the punch.  Press the button to drill your holes!Remember to use the button on the sliding arm to guide you when punching your center hole.  (see our last posting for detailed directions)Here are the different cardstock pages, journaling pack elements, photos and other ephemera that we have drilled holes in for our journal.  Keep in mind that with the easy to use binding rings you can add as many pages to your project as you feel inspired to!  Just use your Binderie punch to drill holes in your findings, pop open the binding rings and add them to your book!Here is a quick shot of how fun our little inclusions journal looks when it is assembled.And finally, give those binding rings a bit of gypsy flair with some dangles in assorted gems... sapphire, pearl, crystal, silver or ruby~ or better yet mix & match a few of each!  We've even seen a few of our fellow gypsies tie ribbons, bottles, trinkets and charms to their rings.
You've officially created your first handmade book in just minutes.  Perfect for tucking your precious family memories inside.


Michelle*G said...

Love this project...especially the cover! Very cool!

Debbi said...

Thanks for sharing. Love it.

n2ridinhogs said...

I consider myself an experienced scrapbooker but I sometimes feel...well...kinda slammed back to a beginner b/c I can't keep up with all the new stuff available. I don't really understand the ATC or Artist Trading Cards??? Can somebody define this new stuff to me...What do you put on the cards? What do you do with the cards? I think I NEED(this is a term that a scrapbook friend and I have assigned to our wants) to get the Binderie Punch. I am going to read some more to understand everything that little red thing does but it looks like it can be very useful. Hopefully I can find, on this great Gypsie website, everything the red box does so I can justify my need being fulfilled. I think I'm gonna love this Gypsie place. This is the first time I have been to this site but 1st impression is WOW!!! Gotta go...I hear the Gypsies calling me back to the their home(website)for more of the open house grand tour. Sandy W