Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Search of Good Junk

In our travels we come across many places. Some that inspire us, some that celebrate gypsyhood in all its many ways and other that are just downright cool because they dare to do things differently. We want to share some of these adventures with you in hopes that you will continue to seek out what inspires you and celebrate the spirit that drives us to live the creative life. Oh and if you're ever nearby you can stop by our featured spots and see what we're so excited about.

First stop is Lakeside, Arizona to Embellish Boutique...

We love this place as much for the ways they find to display the product as the wide range of supplies you'll find here. They sell everything from scrapbooking goods (lots of 7gypsies!) to salvaged hardware and other finds. We had to walk through several times just to take it all in because there are little treasures everywhere you look.

The flea market style of merchandising is an open invitation to dig through the mismatched tins & baskets to look for your next gotta have it trinket.

And the cash wrap bar finished off with salvaged tin and topped with loads of products to play with made a fabulous centerpiece for the space. Thanks Tricia for letting us explore!

Embellish Boutique is located approximately 2 hours North of Phoenix. It's a beautiful drive through the mountains and is definitely worth it!
Embellish Boutique
1355 W. White Mtn Blvd
Lakeside, AZ 85929

Nestled in Cambria, California (a little town by Hearst Castle) this store has a vast selection of "antiques, ephemera, bit & baubles" Sound intriguing?

Plan to give yourself some time to look through the vast selection of glass jars and cigar boxes containing all kinds of trinkets. You'll find it almost impossible to leave empty handed~ we never do! And here's a little secret... the packaging of your purchases alone is worth buying. We have a hard time unwrapping it when we get home.

Visit their website for more inspiration and you may want to time your visit with their upcoming holiday open house Nov. 7 & 8th. Be sure to say hi to Bonnie and tell her the gypsies sent you!


Renee said...

Thanks for the info...always looking for new places to shop!

Tracy said...

I would love to dig through all that treasure!

Jeannette said...

You've featured one of my very favorite stores "Birds of A Feather" in Cambria,CA! Bonnie, the owner, is a delight and spending time in this shop is like going on a mini-treasure hunt!