Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look who's come by for a visit...

Our gypsy guest artist this month is none other than Tena Sprenger! Tena has been using good 'ole gypsy ingenuity since her days at Memory Lane. She brings her own spin to everything she does and we love it!
We think she has a soft spot in her heart for everything gypsy too!
Thanks Tena...

Paris ATC Tin and Mini Book
Supply list
Ringed ATC book
New Gypsy Paper Tape
Gypsy Market chipboard letters
Mini Key
Victoria Paper line
Barcelona Paper line
Paris Dangles
Metal paper fasteners
Mini paper clips
Checkered book knob
7 Gypsies Ephemera pack
New seam binding ribbon
NEW Victoria tags
ATC alphabet transparencies
Gypsy market stickers
Naked tag pockets
Disclaimer clear stamps

fine point journaling pen

This was a super fun and easy project! To create my decorative ATC tin to hold a mini memory book from my trip to Paris I started by wrapping a 2 inch strip of strip of yellow dotted paper around the tin then wrapping two strips of coordinating paper tape around the tin to create 3 stripes of color around the ATC tin. Use a craft drill to drill a small hole on the center of your ATC lid to attach your knob. I used some dye ink and a "bonjour" stamp I had on hand to stamp into the label area on the metal lid of the tin... I love how it looks! the final step in decorating the tin was to attach my chipboard letters, I used glue dots to secure my Gypsy Market chipboard letters to the front of the tin and tied on a little mini key just for fun!

When putting together my mini ringed ATC book, I pulled out some of the original pages that came with the book and substituted some of the naked tag pockets and ephemera for pages. I wallpapered my blank pages with paper from the Victoria and Barcelona paper collections. I added color to my naked tag pockets with some ink then used stamps from the NEW disclaimer clear stamp set to add multiple phrases onto my tag pockets that coordinated with a travel book. The Victoria bird tags were also a beautiful accent for this lovely little Paris memory book. I added a couple transparencies for a little dimension and my project was complete!
So once again..."Disclaimer" may very well be the best clear stamp ever!
We love how Tena used it to "wallpaper" the naked tag pockets.

Wire Photo and Memory Holder

Supply List
Gypsy Ephemera Pack
NEW 7 Gypsies seam binding ribbon
Mini paper clips
gaffer tape
NEW paper tape
metal fasteners
Black Annealed Wire 26 gage
mini clothes pins
baling wire
1 1/4 inch wooden feet
acrylic paint
Needle nose wire cutters
3/4 " wooden dowel( for wire bending)

Here's how she did it-
I am always looking for new and fun ways to display my photos on and off the scrapbook page! This wire photo sculpture was quick and easy to make and the wire supplies are readily available at most hardware stores. To create the wire structure cut (6) 18 inch pieces of Annealed wire, on 3 of my pieces I created a corkscrew bend before I made the attachment coil and on three of the pieces I just created the attachment coil. The coiling and bending process is made easier my bending and coiling the wire around a wooden dowel, it will create a consistent coil. After bending the coiled( photo grabbing) ends of the wire, bundle them together and at the halfway point on the wire tightly wrap the bundle of wire with the thinner bailing wire creating about a 1 1/2 inch bailing wire segment. Trim off 2 of the 6 legs extending beyond the bailing wire, create legs with the remaining 4. Use a craft drill to drill a small hole in 4 wooden pieces to and insert wires into these wooden feet to stabilize legs.

Decorating your Photo holder.... the super fun part! I used 2 x 3 and 2 x 2 photos along with a 7 Gypsies Ephemera pack to create my photo displays. Mini clips and metal paper fasteners are just the right size to clip your photo to your ephemera card. Gaffer tape and the NEW paper tape provide a fun way to trim photos and ephemera and add color! I used the new paper tape to quickly cover my mini clothes pins and I just love how it transformed them. The great thing about a project like this is that you can change out your photos over time to freshen up your display as you have new pictures, I think this would be fun to use as a seasonal photo display as well.

Thanks so much Tena for 2 fun projects!
Tena Sprenger’s Journey in the Paper Arts and Scrapbooking world began four years ago as an instructor at Memory Lane Photo Arts store in Gilbert, Arizona. She has shared her passion for paper arts, book arts and scrapbooking in classrooms in Arizona, throughout the United States as well as internationally several times a month for the last four years at such events as Creative Escape, Donna Downey’s Inspired Artist Event and Paris Version Scrap. In 2007 Tena added online teaching to her class schedule as teacher for Big Picture Scrapbooking. As an instructor, Tena is known for her unique class concepts and enthusiastic teaching style. Tena‘s classes are technique driven with a focus on unique book arts projects, creative photos, and her flair for incorporating unexpected elements into her projects. Tena is co –author of Lifelines and Artful Memories both published by Northlight Books. Tena has also achieved publishing success as a contributing artist of the following books from Autumn Leaves ; The Book Book, Designing with Fabric, Designing with Stamps, and Designing with Paper. Tena was inducted into the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame in 2004. Tena’s artwork has been regularly featured in Creating Keepsakes Magazine as well as Scrapbooks, Etc. and Legacy Magazine. Tena.s television credits include representing Memory Makers Magazine on HSN, the home shopping network and local appearances on Phoenix’s Channel 12 Arizona Midday Program chatting about the latest scrapbooking trends.

Tena lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, Mike, and two children, Alyssa and Michael. When she is not busy making a creative mess in her art room, Tena enjoys reading and tap dancing. You can keep up with Tena’s life and art by checking in on her blog:


Michelle*G said...

Fabulous projects...lots of inspiration!

Ranjini said...

I am a long time fan of Tena's so it was such a treat for me to see her as this month's guest designer! As usual, such creative, out of the box projects! Thanks for the inspiration Tena!

JPScraps said...

I LOVE all these projects...especially the ATC stuff!

cindy said...

So cute and funky!! I love it! :D

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