Thursday, October 29, 2009

She's a clever girl...

Who you ask? Well our very own Ranjini, that's who!
Just check out this clever little display piece she made all about her daughter. It is so ridiculously simple (yet stunning at the same time) that I just can't imagine why we never thought of it before.

NOTES on how she did it:
I created a "photo window box". I used a 5 x 7 wooden shadowbox type frame that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I papered it with the gold polka dot Barcelona paper, and then I used my craft drill to drill two holes in either side, plus one in the top. I applied the metal page edges without folding them down so that they created a lacy border on the edges of the box. I wanted it to look like a Venetian window with latticed metal work on either side. I used the 6" gypsy elastics and because they were just a bit longer than I wanted, I threaded the ends through vintage buttons and back into the box, which ended up creating a finished look on the box sides. I wanted to use the elastics like mini "clotheslines" to hang ephemera or photos from. I clipped up photos, a vintage flashcard and more 7gypsies goodies onto the bottom with metal paper fasteners. I finished out the top with a 7 gypsies knob.

We told you...SHE really is a clever girl.