Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Challenge

Can you believe October is gone? We can't either! We have been so busy much for CHA has already begun. For those of you who will attend in January you are going to love what we have up or sleeve for the booth...not to be missed!


Textured Rubbings
What is a textured rubbing?
It is a rubbing that has two parts-The first part is a transparent "glue" image that you can adhere to almost anything with a bone folder or popsicle stick. Once the image is adhered to the surface you can choose any of the textures (2nd part) to rub over the glue image; silver glitter, gold glitter, black velvet, red velvet, gold foil or silver foil. The image shown above is combo pack where the images are sold with the silver glitter, black velvet and the gold foil. We also have other glue images as well as the textures packaged separately. Go here to see them all.

Can you see the glitter bird on the transparency? That's a textured rubbing!
This is a closure on the cover a a mini book made by gypsy artist Paula C.
Here how she did it:
1. Stamp a large circle on patterned paper, then adhere the paper to a piece of chipboard.
2. Cut out the circle, then layer a transparency over the circle and cut it out again.
3. Add the textured rubbing of the bird.
4. Punch two holes and added eyelets
5. Run elastic through the holes to create closure.

Now the challenge...

What can you do with them? Can you use them for something other than scrapbooking...maybe home decor? Can you find a way to use just the texture sheet and not the "glue" image?
Well, that's the challenge for 3 of our designers this month as well as our guest artist. Which we will mention is someone fabulous. You will just have to wait till next week when we post her projects to see who it is!

If you want to participate in our Textured Rubbing Challenge it very easy.
1. Create something using any of our textured Rubbings
(or even just the texture sheet)
2. Send us a photo of what you created to
3. Deadline is November 25

We will be giving away a VENICE prize pack that will include 2 sheets of each of the new papers, paper tape (that we have been raving about) and other VENICE goodies.
Now, who wouldn't want that?


Beth Perry said...

so cool!

JgWM said...

I love it, I want to play!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing! I will use this on my Christmas gifts and make tags =).