Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Project #6

Gingerbread Cottage
artist Ranjini Malhorta

Ranjini used ACT cards to create this little cottage.  She covered the cards with a large dot paper-Matarro, small brown stripe-Terrassa, and our favorite red polka dot-Coloma .  The Barcelona papers are two sided so you get a lot of choices when it comes to dots and stripes.  Love that.
Ranjini taped the cards together with stripe gaffer tape to create the house.   
She painted and glittered shapes from 1 package of ATC chipboard. Then began to add all that glittery "gingerbread" to the little house.  She added a bit of bling to serve as lights and gumdrops on the roof.
Clever girl, that Ranjini.

We can just see a whole village of these little houses along the mantle...maybe a candy cane lane or a snow village.  
What would your village look like?


Michelle*G said...

Love this! My village would be made from cute little houses like these covered in Reef and Sushi papers! Love those lines!

Rachel Carlson said...

way to go ranjini - love it!!!

judy said...

Looks good enough to eat. Yum!

judy said...

P.s My village would be an old fashioned winter snow scene on Christmas Eve with a little church.

Paper Dolls said...

How cute is that?

Beth Perry said...

I would want my village to look exactly like that! It's so yummy, I could eat it! lol
Also, just wanted to let you know ...I have been LOVING these 7Gypsies tags!! I have been making Christmas ornaments out of them!
Thanks for always inspiring!