Friday, February 12, 2010

The Love Book
by Paula Cheney

What do you do with a great card once the birthday or anniversary has past?  I have kept the notes and cards my husband and I have written to each other over the years, but eventually they always ended up in box on the shelf where the sentiment is lost for a time. 
So for Valentines Day I decided to create a place for these cards, letters and personal notes I have saved.  I used a 7gypsies large Portfolio for the structure of the "book" and added manila file folder pockets on the inside to hold the cards.  Traditional Valentine colors felt a little cliche, so I decided to change it up a bit and create something in un-traditional colors just for him. Okay, the ribbon on the side is for me, but the color was for him.

File Folder Pockets
I used a rotary cutter to cut about an inch off the folded end of 3 file folders (so they will fit into the portfolio).
Cover the front of the file folders with paper.  I used three different kinds of paper:
Green script from the new Avignon line, brown stripe and one that has little envelopes on it called, Gondola from the Venice line.
Once the paper is adhered to the file folder you can use your sewing machine to embellish as I did with the little stem or you can just stitch up the sides and bottom to finish pocket.  I cut each stem by hand and embellished with a black pen, then words cut from an old book.   Repeat for each folder.
I also added a series of years to each tab so not only would I know where to file a card or note but I would also know where to find it later.
Once the folders are complete, lay them inside the portfolio to decide where to punch the holes.  I knew my book would end up being very thick, so I folded the portfolio along the 3rd score line from the center to create depth.  Punch holes in the 3 file folders to match the portfolio.  I used my Binderie Punch for all the holes in the book.
I cut an oval shape from Sticky Back Canvas and inked it with some distress ink.
I stitched around the oval about 4 or 5 times then peeled off the backing and added it to an oval I had previously cut from Terrassa paper (back of the brown stripe).
The whole idea for the name of the book came when I saw a House of 3 download for a Vintage Text Garland....thinking....thinking....I don't need a garland but I do need the word LOVE.  So, I printed it out (super easy), mounted the word on a piece of chipboard and cut it out.  Added a bit of Distress ink- Victorian Velvet (new from Ranger) and a touch of Vintage Photo on the edges. Done.
I cut various sizes of paper for the cover, really just a bunch of long scrap pieces left from the file folders and other projects.  I secured them to the cover with a UHU glue stick.  As I said, I used the same three papers from the file folders and just added a couple more: White/black script (the opposite side is the green script paper) and pages from a vintage book.
I also added Venice paper tape (that's the turquoise strips that are almost transparent) at the very end.  I love how you can see the brown stripe paper through the tape...I just love this stuff and I can't seem to get enough of it!
Once the cover is finished, wrap Gypsy Market gaffer tape (it's made from fabric) around the spine of the book to reinforce it.  Thread ribbon (I used the new Avignon seam binding) through the portfolio and file folder pockets. Tie bows on the outside to finish.

I know Valentines Day is upon us, so I hope you will think about making a Book of Love for someone  close to you.  Think birthday, anniversary...really any occasion to say, I love you...
You can find more information on the Love Book here .
Happy day of Love!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great idea and I love that you didn't just use Valentine themed papers. Makes me think I might get all those cards and notes I saved out of the shoebox they are in!

Rachel Carlson said...

paula, this is FANTASTIC, thanks for the great instruction too. happy love day!

Joy said...

What a wonderful idea. Now to get them out of my shoebox.

Christine said...

This is a really wonderful idea. I love how you turned the portfolio into a book. Totally didn't know I could use those creases in that way!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I just love this and all the little details!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea behind this project, must put it on the to do list! Thanks
Happy Valentines Day!
Carrie P

Michelle*G said...

This is just gorgeous! What a great idea!

Ranjini said...

Leave it to you to come up with such a clever idea! Thanks for the step by step - I can't wait to try this out!