Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gypsy Bling!

Part of being a gypsy is knowing how to accessorize~ and yes we tend to overdo it.  Whether it's on the covers of our albums, the binding rings that hold them together or pretty much any project we do we love to add our own little flair.   And most often the sparkly and shinier, the better!

So here's where it gets fun.  
Have you ever thought of WEARING  your favorite 7gypsies products?  

It's the perfect way to use all those mismatched spare pieces, scraps of paper, bits of ribbon and trinkets that you probably have an entire drawer  full of somewhere in your in your workshop.

We love how Ranjini incorporated some of her favorite bits into beautiful necklaces... you'll even see some 'vintage' 7gypsies products transformed into wearable art.


Jill W. said...

Awesome FUN!! I love it!

Rhayne said...

Very cute :o) I really like the Gypsy Girl necklace with the black accents :o)

Michelle*G said..., so lovely!

Susan said...


{VICKI} said...

How cool is the locket!

Tracy said...

Love the jewelry ideas!

Anonymous said...

I love the locket! Any step-by-steps? :)

alexandra s.m. said...

These necklaces are gorgeous! What a brillant idea!!

jamie said...

love, love this wearable art.
would love a supply list...esp for the jewelry findings.
step by step is always welcome.