Thursday, March 18, 2010

YOU can so do this...

THE {KL_necklace} 
We all know how much gypsy artists Kerry Lynn adores texture. All of her fabulously vintage projects are adorned with lots of it.  So to create a piece of wearable art she used a gorgeous combination of french linen from her stash and our favorite seam binding ribbon to create this stunning necklace. 

And it's a lot simpler than you'd think!  Read on for simple instructions and in no time you'll have one of your own.

Supplies needed:

jump rings
vintage linen or other loose weave fabric
sewing machine or needle and thread

Stacked Linen Flower
Cut three varying sized circles of linen from your fabric. 
Stitch together in center and then rough up the edges so they are frayed by simply running them against your palm a few times.

Stitch along one edge of a 6”-8” piece of seam binding. I used a basting stitch {a loose wide stitch} on my sewing machine but you could also simply do the same with a running stitch by hand.

Once the stitch is in place pull one thread {if you used your sewing machine} or the single thread if you hand stitched, and gather your ribbon together.

Once gathered knot the ends together, then stitch to the top of your linen flower and stitch on a single crystal bead from the binding ring dangles. Set aside.

The Necklace 

Cut two 24” pieces of seam binding and double them and loop around a jump ring . 
Then stitch the other ends about 5” from the end so they would always stay together then tie that end around a jump ring.

Attach two crystal dangles together at the bottom of each 
Use the dangle clasp on each end of the dangle to clip to the jump ring at both ends of ribbon.

Clip the travel dangle charm to crystal near the bow.
Attach linen flower to crystal near the jump ring end.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And love the bust you used in the shot.

Robin Thomas said...

Quiver. Thank you.

Holly Moore said...

Oooh. You're right, by golly I think I can. Thanks for the tips.

Michelle*G said...

Gorgeous! Love the green...feeling inspired!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Great tutorial! Love the outcome. =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to try it.
Carrie P

Rachel Carlson said...

LOVE it kerry lynn! i'm thinkin' i'm needin' one of these. SWEET.

Rhayne said...

Love it! Especially the flower... great colors :o)

Elisabeth Costa said...

LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing..I think even I can attempt to make one, feeling empowered:)

wendela said...

gorgeous!! what a beautifl flower!!