Thursday, August 11, 2011

spotted and hearted: apothecary

an original apothecary
an old apothecary cabinet.  what we wouldn't give to get our hands on one of these!
And check out the apothecary tray pictured in the right corner.
cool vintage and reproduction apothecary bottle collections & labels.
the decorative tops on the bottles are awesome!

apothecary terrariums?
so cute in mini form and as necklace pendants and rings!
color code your apothecary.
or decorate the bottles and fill them with party favors.
(we guess matches qualify as party favors? right?)
or maybe just the coolest version of a matchbook we've seen?

clever ideas for 7gypsies apothecary bottles.  mini photo bottles!
how cute would those be on a charm bracelet or necklace?

a line of 7gypsies apothecary bottles:
left to right: a mini terrarium with 7gypsies butterfly rubbing, covered with 7gypsies ephemera rubbing, covered in 7gypsies tissue and dipped in wax, more 7gypsies rubbings, love message in a bottle adorned with a photo pick, a mini feather, decorated with strips of 7gypsies papertape, another mini terrarium.
bottom left photo: LOVE: an apothecary bottle collection with love notes & messages.  Created by one of the 7gypsies staff!

more 7gypsies staff projects:
 a gardening kit showcased in our mini librarie drawer contains apothecary bottles of planting seeds, cards for documenting planting seasons and growth, nature inspired quotes, and bundles of seed packets.  Darling gift idea!
Also shown: a darling recipe drawer shown in our librarie drawer.  The apothecary bottles are filled with spices and bundled together with 7gypsies elastics!

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Queenie said...

Swoon.....beautiful, it all!!!

fairyrocks said...

So happy to see this inspiration!!!
And yes those cabinets are wonderful!!

Dona said...

Why, oh why, oh why hasn't someone reproduced the old cabinets like the one you show [and lusted over ;-> ]???? I think they would sell like hotcakes.... I know I'd have to have at least 2!!

Carol said...

Gorgeous! Fabulous inspiration and I would love LOVE to have one of the cabinets!

genagirl said...

Have got to get my hands on these soon!!! So many possibilities running through my mind now.

About Seven Gypsies said...

Yes, yes, we agree that SOMEONE should make those cabinets!

Jynene said...

love. love. love. wonderful. so vintage!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous mysterious curious dreamy!!! I love amore adore these mini glass museums of gypsy collections

Velveteen Habbit