Tuesday, August 9, 2011

gypsy secret: tray guide & measurements

Some of the questions we hear most at the gypsy workshop are usually about our trays.  
Gypsies everywhere want to know which tray we recommend most, what colors the trays come in and most importantly what SIZE the compartments are on each of the tray styles.  

Did you know we sell 10 different trays and that doesn't even include our collection of librarie drawers and vintage receipt holders?

Well~ we've finally decided it might be time to showcase them all in one place!  
We've put together the official guide to all 7gypsies trays 
(even our newest~ yet to be shipped styles)
colors, their measurements and our recommended uses.  
But if you've got more tray ideas, secrets or tips you'd like to share, please comment!

Artist Printers Tray (the original 1st tray in our line!):
available in black or white
recommended for beginning tray artists
great for: wallet sized photos, ATC cards & exchanges, 12 months of the year, advent calendars,  we even saw a great project that showcased a wallet sized photo of each year of school K-12!
4x6 Photo Tray:
available in white or black
recommended for beginning tray artists
great for: 4x6 photos, recipes, card storage.  This is our most basic style of tray and recommended for first time tray artists.  It is easy to complete by simply filling with your favorite photos.  Add some embellishments for more layering or leave as a custom photo display.  Either way, this is a super simple and unique piece of home decor!

Letterblock Tray:
available in brown or black
recommended for intermediate tray artists
great for: multiple sized items, small photos, trinkets, most finished projects in this tray are a real show stopper because all of the different sized compartments make this interesting to look at an explore what's in all of the little openings!

Letterpress Shadowbox Tray:
available in dark stain
recommended for intermediate tray artists
great for: showcasing dimensional items such as bottles, keys, spools, etc.  We created our shadowbox line of trays especially for adding dimension for an extra authentic touch.  With its drawer pull style handle, this tray is most true to the original letterpress trays that we drew inspiration from when creating this line!  And the beautiful, rich stain finish looks beautiful as a part of any home decor!
Solo Shadowbox Tray:
available in black and white
BRAND NEW~ ships in August
recommended for beginning tray artists, the perfect starter tray!
great for: GIFTING!  This darling mini version of our shadowbox trays makes a unique and custom gift for lots of occasions.  Think baby showers, weddings, engagements, grandparents, fathers, mothers, dads, grads, sisters, girlfriends, school teachers.  It's simple to create one by just adding a 4x6 photo and a few mini trinkets.  This one is selling fast for the holidays!

Photo Shadowbox Tray:
available in black
BRAND NEW~ ships in september
recommended for beginning/intermediate tray artists
great for:  a quick, custom photo display gallery.  This shadowbox was designed specifically to hold standard sized photos.  So even though it looks complex with lots of different compartments, you can simply slip your favorite 4x6's, 5x7 and wallet sized photos in with just a few openings left to fill with your favorite dimensional trinkets.  This is part of our shadowbox line of trays so it is built with extra depth to hold many kinds of findings: bottles, shells, baby booties, and more.  It looks great displayed on our new easel!

Display Easel:
available in black
BRAND NEW~ ships in September
great for: ALL 7gypsies trays to be showcased in your home.  But not only do our trays look fabulous on this wooden easel, so do framed photographs, layouts, books and more!

And if you didn't get a chance to view our shadowboxing video, take a moment to watch.  It will inspire you to make one using any of our trays!
Click HERE to view our previous blog post with the video.


Queenie said...

Love them!!
Loved the video and all fired up to craft thanks to your inspiring projects.
Thanks for sharing.

Michelle*G said...

Well this is a fabulous post! Thank you for summing it all up in one place! I can't wait to try the new trays (September is SO far away!).

fairyrocks said...

Genius idea!!! and

Barbara said...

I've been using the 4X6" trays for a while in my ETSY Shop. LOVE them!! Can't wait until the Solo Shadowbox Trays ship. I'be got a ton of ideas for those babies!!!

About Seven Gypsies said...

@ Michelle*G~ we just MIGHT get the trays in a bit early. stay tuned!

@Barbara~ we'd love to check out your etsy shop. Post a link!

cass said...

Love them

Carol said...

Oh man - I am loving these trays! So many ideas and inspiration!

scrapinmo said...

I absolutely love your trays. I'm getting ready to make a third one for a gift.

resant said...

I love the fabulous solo shadowbox tray. Do you know where I can buy letters similar to baby name "LUKE" in the picture? I can't find letters that small and thin enough to put in the tray. Appreciate any help!