Friday, August 5, 2011

you can so do this: tissue paper skirt

one. Lightly sketch a female figure in pencil. Add details of a simple spaghetti strap top if you wish. Add watercolor paint and ink.
two. Cut at least 2 strips of tissue from the 7 Gypsies tissue paper.  For the two tiered skirt shown, we cut two 1"x 8" strips
three. Apply a strip of adhesive to the drawing where you want your skirt to hang.  Accordion fold or pleat the first strip of tissue down to the adhesive every 1/16 of an inch or at desired intervals, shaping as you go to gather the folds tighter at the top, allowing them to flare out wider at the bottom. 
four. Repeat step three with the second strip of tissue.
five. Add a 7 Gypsies 97% Complete sticker for a belted waist. 

Tape drawing into your art journal! 
(Ranjini used the venice patterned paper tape)


Odetta said...

I love this creative idea!!! Splendid!

Michelle*G said...

Love it!

Queenie said...

Great it.