Saturday, October 29, 2011

artist advent blog kit: section #10 by ann mabee

Section #10 - Ann Mabee
Materials: (all 7gypsies)
(2.5"x3") book board or 7G packaging
6x6 Lille paper (life is good (not shown in picture below), crazy love, adventure)
Paris tissue paper
ATC Tag Kit: Affirmations (crown, #10)
(1) crystal dangle
(2) mini keys
(3) display trim pyramid studs
paddington chipboard alphabet
(3") Venice gaffer tape
Large and small scalloped oval punch (Fiskars) or scissors
small heart punch (Fiskars) or scissors
dictionary page (from an old, discarded dictionary)
glitter and glue
distress ink and blending tool
chipboard circle
needle and thread

Project tips:
- you can substitute the 7gypsies packaging in the kit for any of the chipboard/book board needed. be very careful when opening the packaging if you would like to use it.
- keep ALL your paper scraps from each section, you will need them for section #11
- you can use scissors in place of all punches
- you can use the purple ribbon in the ATC Photo Display kit in place of any string and wire

1. Cut bookboard or packaging piece to fit desired space. Cover with the red, rectangle area that says "Life is Good" from the Life is Good paper. Trim affirmations card to fit just inside the paper, leaving a small border. Ink all edges well. 
2. Punch a large scalloped oval from the clock portion of the Lille paper. Punch a small scalloped oval from a dictionary page aligning the focus word within the oval as desired.
3. Ink the edges of the ovals. Mount the large oval on top of the affirmations card so that pieces of the card are visible behind the oval. Fold the small oval over the top of the card with the focus word at the top of the card below the fold. 
4. Add the small heart that was punched from the red portion of the Lille paper. Tear a small strip of gaffer tap and attach across the large oval about 2/3 of the way down on the card. Add the pyramid studs in the other three corners of the card.
5. Ink desired chipboard letter and adhere to the bottom right of card.  Cut a 1.25” strip of the tissue paper that’s the width of the sheet of tissue (about 18”).

6. Using a needle and thread, make a running stitch about 1/4” from the edge of the tissue, gathering it up to form a ruffled circle.

7. Carefully tie the end and knot to secure. Mount the tissue circle on the chipboard circle to reinforce.

8. Using a foam brush run a bead of glue along the outside edge of the tissue circle. Add glitter. Open the jump ring on the dangle and add two mini keys. Punch a tiny hole in the bottom of the 10 circle and attach the dangle. Adhere the 10 circle with the dangle onto the center of the tissue circle. This will then be attached to the clip portion of the receipt holder.

I chose to focus on the word unlock from the dictionary page and with the heart, the mini keys attached to the dangle and the letter M, it means that I would like to unlock the key to my husband’s heart! The number 10 has significance because we currently have 10 beautiful grandchildren!

I spend my days with my husband, since we are both retired now! Since he retired in May, we have been privileged to take a few trips and enjoy the beautiful country in which we live. We love to go junkin' together and we spend a lot of our time with our children and our grandchildren. We love to attend our grandchildren's sporting events, concerts, school functions and other activities. I enjoy working in my scrapbook room and getting lost in the creative process. My favorite projects are those I make just for fun. I also enjoy doing needlework, sewing and working on our family history.

A blog I check out frequently is I always have enjoyed recreating things I see that I like. In my younger years, we couldn't always afford the things I wanted, so I generally figured out a way to make whatever I wanted. Now that I can better afford things, I don't always buy...I enjoy the creative process and the satisfaction of making things of my own and with my own twist to them. You can always take a good idea and tweak it a bit to make it uniquely your own! Nothin' better than that!!!

Join the gypsies Tuesday for section #11. Other items you will need are:
index card print from developed film or 3 tiny photos (about 1/2"x1/2")
black stamping ink
mod podge (or other adhesive)


Judy Webb said...

LOVING these ideas. So helpful for the artistic challenged person.

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FABULOUS, as usual! Vivent

About Seven Gypsies said...

so glad you are enjoying following along!!! almost done!

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