Tuesday, November 1, 2011

artist advent blog kit: section #11 by the gypsies

Section #11 - by a few of the gypsies!
Materials: (all 7gypsies)
Tag Kit: Affirmations (good things, sow a character, #11)
(4") Venice gaffer tape
(4) Display trim pyramid studs
ATC Photo Display tag (calendar tag)
Lille clear stamp (3kr., ledger)
All the Lille scrap paper you've kept throughout the project
(3) black naked labels
index card print from developed film or 3 tiny photos (about 1/2"x1/2")
black stamping ink
mod podge (or other adhesive)

Project tips:
- you can substitute the 7gypsies packaging in the kit for any of the chipboard/book board needed. be very careful when opening the packaging if you would like to use it.
- keep ALL your paper scraps from each section, you will need them for section #11
- you can use scissors in place of all punches
- you can use the purple ribbon in the ATC Photo Display kit in place of any string and wire

1. If you haven't done this already, you will want to find the section #11 clip area and flip the receipt holder over. using pliers or other tool, bend the clips so that they come loose and the clip comes out completely.
2. Grab all the scrap pieces of the Lille papers and cut them into uneven, crooked, strips of paper. find your least favorite card from the affirmations tag kit and start gluing the strips of paper to create a "striped" paper.
3. Use your distress ink (or stamping ink) to distress the edges of the card.
4. grab the 3kr stamp from the lille stamp set and stamp in black ink (or whatever color you prefer) on the card.
5. cut small slits in the #11 tag, vertical, one on each side of the #11. cut another piece of the leftover lille papers or a strip from an affirmations tag to the size of the slits you made and slide it through. start at the front to give the look of a belt. place two pyramid studs on either side of the #11 circle and glue to "striped" tag.
6. we used pictures from an old index print for the banner pictures. using three (or however many pictures you want) blank labels, fold them in half over the string about 1" apart, to create a base to stick the pictures on. using a small amount of the gaffer tape, fold that in half over the string in between the pictures and trim to give a penant look. glue the small pictures onto the blank labels.
7. grab the "good things come to those who wait" card from the affirmations tag kit. stamp the small listing stamp on the back of the card in the upper left corner. glue the small calendar tag from the gypsy tag kit at an angle over the bottom right part of the stamp - DO NOT glue the hole in the tag as we will be tying the banner to that later. cut out a heart from any leftover papers you have or the back of an affirmations card and distress the edges. glue on top of calendar piece.
8. coat the "s" or the letter or number of your choice, in mod podge (or other adhesive) and gently lay a piece of the tissue paper on top. allow to dry for ten minutes. using a small nail file or piece of  sandpaper, gently file (rub) the edges of the letter until the excess tissue paper falls off. 
tip: don't try to tear the tissue, just keep sanding or filing the area as it will eventually sand off.

9. glue the chipboard letter to the back of the "good things come to those who wait" card, over the heart.
10. tie one end of the string banner you created to the hole in the top of the calendar tag. grab the gaffer tape and cut to the height of the affirmations card. cut a scalloped edge on one side. stick the tape down in section #10, just before the spring starts. attach the tape to the edge of the affirmations card to create a door. add the two pyramid studs, one on top and one on bottom.
11. grab the card with the #11 on it, position the banner so that when you open the door, the banner will pull tight. cut a small slit in the card and slide string into it and tuck behind the card and fit snug in the receipt holder.

Join the gypsies Thursday for section #12 and all the final touches! Other items you will need:
2"x3" photo


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