Thursday, November 3, 2011

artist advent blog kit: section #12 by the gypsies

Section #12 - by a few of the gypsies!
Materials: (all 7gypsies)
Paris Tissue
chipboard (or 7G packaging)
ATC Photo Display tag (ruler)
Tag Kit: Affirmations (#12)
Paddington chip alpha
(3") Venice gaffer tape

2"x3" photo

Project tips:
- you can substitute the 7gypsies packaging in the kit for any of the chipboard/book board needed. be very careful when opening the packaging if you would like to use it.
- keep ALL your paper scraps from each section, you will need them for section #11
- you can use scissors in place of all punches
- you can use the purple ribbon in the ATC Photo Display kit in place of any string and wire

1. grab the letters "l o v e" from the paddington chip alphabet (or any word you want), coat the letters in mod podge (or other wet adhesive) and cover in glitter. set aside to dry.
2. cut 3 strips of tissue that are 4"x1" long and 3 strips that are 3"x1" long. scallop one edge of all 6 pieces.
3. use mod podge or tape runner to glue the straight edge of the tissue to the right and bottom inside edges and the upper edges of the receipt holder - one piece of tissue at a time, stacking on top of each other.
4. cut 3.5" of gaffer tape and cut a "v" into each end. stick this on the bottom of the receipt holder, on top of the tissue with the bottom scallop edges showing.
5. glue "love" on top of the tape.
6. grab the card with the ruler from the gypsy kit and your 2x3 photo. glue the card on the back of the picture so that the ruler is showing on the left edge of the photo. trim off any remaining edges of the card. slip the picture behind "love".
7. place the "#12" in the upper right corner with a glue dot.

Finishing touches:
1. fan fold Venice gaffer tape and wrap around the apothecary bottle.
 2. tie black ribbon from ATC Photo Display tag kit.
 3. weave the brown ribbon from the ATC Photo Display tag kit into the chain and attach crystal dangles (ones with 4 crystals on them).
4. fill apothecary bottle with glitter or item of your choice. using leftover brown or black ribbon, tie the apothecary bottle to single crystal dandle and clip to top center.
And there you have it gypsy friends! The project is now complete. We hope that you enjoyed creating with our design team and staff and can't wait to see pictures of your own version of this wall hanging. Don't forget to visit our Facebook page and post your projects!


v said...

That's just awesome! Great tutorial as well:)!!!

~Vanessa W