Tuesday, November 15, 2011

projects and inspiration: christmas gift ideas part 2!

we all know that holiday's can be a very stressful time.....
why not help someone relax a little? 
grab some lotion, bath salts, whatever you prefer - find a fancy book knob to place on the front - place items in drawer and you've got yourself a pretty-adorable-can't live without-bath and beauty kit!
ranjini did a fabulous job displaying the kit in spectacular mini library drawer!
we love hot cocoa here in the gypsy workshop! 
and what a perfect little gift for someone in your life that loves it as much as we do...
ranjini added those little extra touches that make this simple gift so fantasticly delicious!
 vicki created this beautiful gift with our photo shadowbox tray!
 the little details she added gave this a personal touch that you just can't forget...
 just grab the 7gypsies photo shadowbox tray, some photos sized to fit the compartments and all the embellishments you can find....
and just start placing them in the tray to see what you can come up with!
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Maggy_Tronche said...

Beautiful projects!! Love them! Thanks a lot for sharing!! Hugs.. Maggy

About Seven Gypsies said...

Thanks Maggy!!!!