Thursday, February 23, 2012

guest post: Connie Fong!

Library Drawer Turned Shadow Box
- Connie Fong
A couple years ago, I found the posts for Deb and Paula’s Junk Drawer Advent Calendar, and I was hooked!  Deb and Paula are designers for 7gypsies and I’ve been following their blog ( since.  I've been inspired by their many creative ideas.

So fast forward to last month when Deb asked me to create a project for the 7gypsies booth at CHA. I was full of emotions: happy, excited, nervous and scared. How fun it would be to receive a box full of 7gypsies product; but how nervous I was to create a project for them that would live up to their standards.

My assignment was to make a shadow box from the library drawer.  I felt that was doable and allowed me to focus in one area.

I have to share with you how I started the project. I layed out and sorted all the product on my kitchen table. I stared at it all day and then went to bed, not doing anything with the supplies yet, but just allowing the ideas to crystallize in my head.   In the middle of the night the ideas came to me and I got up and sketched this.
The sketch got me going and the next day I put it all together. It’s so much fun to be able to take an item and try to use it in a unique way, such as using the rulers as my dividers. 
Here's some close up shots. One of my favorite items are the apothecary bottles.
I was happy with how it came out and hoped they were, too. (we were SO happy!)

Visit Connie's blog for more fun!


heidig said...

Nice job - I would never have thought to make something like that out of the drawer. I love it! Paula and Deb are hard acts to follow.

Deb Neerman said...

WoW! This is one fabulous project!

Valery said...

This is fantastic. Great project.

rhonda said...

Amazing work!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shadow box using so many different ideas. Hard to decide which section is best as I love them all...great job by a very creative mind. Thx for sharing details. Frances

Paula said...

love all of Connie's work! This is no exception! Such creative ideas to split up the drawer into sections with the rulers not to mention the little dresses on hangers! yikes, I love it all.

Carol said...

Beautiful shadow box! Awesome job TFS