Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yes... good things come from small spaces!

What does your creative space look like?  Is it a large studio?  A portion of your dining room table? Or a nook in the corner of a spare room?  We love exploring where all of your creative magic happens... big or small!   

This month gypsy artist Ann Mabee let us take a peek at her creative corner.  We love how the junky feel of her worktable, and frankly are in awe of the awe inspiring projects that come from this mini yet meaningful space!  Want to learn more about Ann?  Then read below...

  1. What's on your wish list? More time in each day
  2. What your idea of a perfect day?  playing with my grandkids, working with new products, junkin'
  3. Do you collect anything? nativities
  4. What is your most treasured belonging? my family, but they aren't really a possession.
  5. Favorite 7gypsies product (old or new)?  gaffer tape
  6. Favorite adhesive?  Different adhesives for different jobs...Vario/Hermafix (I've used it since the beginning.  Zip Dry (wet glue) and Glue Glider Pro (my new favorite)
  7. Favorite thing to much on while working?  diet Sprite with cherry and apple juice (from Sonic)
  8. Style of working- do you gather all of your products, sketch it out first or make it up as you go along?  gather products and make it up as I go along
  9. Sources of inspiration?  other people's blogs
  10. Favorite thing in their studio?  A wire dress form I splurged on several years ago.
  11. Favorite project they've made for 7gypsies?  shopping bag book, ATC Photo Tray with Christmas pictures of my grandkids
  12. Favorite pen/writing instrument?  Zig Writer
  13. Favorite website/blog?  Gypsy Journal, of course!  I also like Our Best Bites, Becky Higgins' blog, Heidi Swapp's blog, and One Lucky Day blog
  14. mac or pc?  PC


Anonymous said...

I am not sure why, but sometimes on the Gypsy Journal, when I scroll down to see more, the writing at the beginning disappers. The first section of the new blog vanishes. It's doing it today, with AM's project.

Ann said...

Happens to me too! Frustrating.

fairyrocks said...
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fairyrocks said...

Lovely space, it feels like home, and you sound like someone I would call Good Friend

chrys k said...

Love her space-it's inviting to creative spirits.

robbie said...

Your space is amazing, I hope that you get most of the things on your wish list. However please choose a MAC.